The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday May 5 2014: Porter Stansberry

Ron Gibson asked:

Stock Market Decline -- Date: 05/05/2014 -- -Today - On this Monday, May 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers a wide spe...


  1. Adolfo Sauceda

    Most Jews in Israel are Khazarian Jews(fake jews). When Spain expelled the
    true Jews in 1495 (about 250,000) a good number of them came to central and
    south America. Every 40 years a given populations doubles, so in 510 years
    that population must be by now about 250,000*2^12 = 1024000000 or about one
    billion Jews. Just in Latin America we are around 400 millions Hebrew
    descendants. Many hispanics in the USA are sefardies (Jews expelled from
    Spain). Those Khazarian Jews (about 11 millions of them) are giving a bad
    rap to the real Jewish population

  2. ben wilson

    i wonder how much stansberry investments has paid alex to promote them and
    give a speech, cause I can just tell they are about as scummy as it
    gets…”Stansberry was accused of “disseminating false stock information
    and defrauding public investors through a financial newsletter … They
    claimed investors could double their money if they paid $1,000 for a stock
    tip involving Bethesda energy company USEC Inc. In total, 1,217 people
    purchased the report, although 215 of them got their money back after
    complaining.” way to go alex def where u should be giving your “1 speech a
    yr”…weird how alex is now having investment research companies caught
    defrauding the american public as sponsors. So it went from books/movies to
    storable foods, to tangy tangerine, to fluoride shield, to some obv shady
    investment research group…and alex just said he’s not even getting paid
    to be there….now I’m DEFINITELY suspicious. How is spending 400$ to this
    clown “supporting liberty” what a joke 

  3. AmericanRelic2hear

    It’s hard to take Cartman serious! I wonder who’s humor it was to put
    Cartman as America’s populous spokesman. And nobody seems to notice! Lol

  4. michael nixson

    Im in the uk and local councils can remove our union flag if we have it
    displayed where it can be seen from the street. Playing the race card works
    for any race (except ours) they only have to accuse a white British person
    that we have called them a so called ‘offensive name’ and a fine or even
    jail will ensue without proof .We are on the bottom of the queue when it
    comes to social housing and blatant ‘positive discrimination’ is used to
    pick local government jobs. Its blatant ‘social cleansing’ 

  5. Bandito Razor

    You know, if the bad cops do with guns dismisses the good cops do, which
    vastly out numbers the bad, then when a gun owner does this:
    that dismisses the good people with guns do.

    Now me, I think the god cops do and the good people with guns do out
    weights the bad that bad cops and people do. But if people are going to
    condemn cops, better be prepared to condemn citizens with guns.

  6. na

    The IRS is a collection agency for the Vatican my friend….who does your
    research?? You should hire me Alex!!

  7. john doe

    I fly my flag,,,Unfortunatly it was fraying. so because I can’t afford a
    new one,,i had to cut a few inches from the flag..,,,a little short but you
    can’t realy notice. Is it reality ,,, or is our government cutting us

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