The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday May 12 2014: Dr. Steve Pieczenik

Ron Gibson asked:

America's Global Police Force -- Date: 05/12/2014 -- -Today - On the Monday, May 12 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the missing Nigerian girls narrative,...


  1. mickser101

    Take everything pieczenik says with a pinch of salt, he may be telling the
    truth but he’s Jewish who worked with Kissinger and for 4 Presidents and
    has been in the circles of the Globalists´╗┐

  2. Steven Fimmel

    I reckon Pieczenic has a blind spot when comes to understanding the concept
    of world government.
    I think he has been too compartmentalised within certain agencies over the
    years. I think his perception of world government is just about nations
    combining to form a global government – whereas that is only one aspect of

  3. cyberprofit2008

    Hey I’ve been a loyal supporter of the Alex Jones show. However, I would
    like to know where does Alex and company stand on Operation American Spring
    starting May 16th in Washington DC? After all, Alex is constantly screaming
    that Americans need to stand up for the US Constitution and all the lawless
    activities taking place in the US Govt, but he remains silent on what
    could be the biggest patriotic move attempted by “We the People”? CMON!!! I
    don’t get it!!!! Is Alex not going to devote any coverage to this OAS
    event? I would really like to know where he stands on OAS and I think his
    supporters would as well.´╗┐

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