The Alex Jones Show(3rd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday May 16 2014: Dr. Nick Begich

Ron Gibson asked:

Police State In Your Face -- Date: 05/16/2014 -- -Today - On this Friday, May 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the ever-expanding authoritarian...


  1. Alabama Bushcraft

    What is going on? There hasn’t been one second of coverage on the OAS from
    Mainstream or by Alex what is up folks this should be breaking news for
    everyone. This is ridiculous!

  2. Jackie Groning

    I wonder why Alex hasn’t even made mention of the Operation American
    Spring..I know that he knows it started this morning..He said in a prior
    show, he was going to send a crew to cover it..So far he hasn’t said a
    thing..Folks please pray for Victory, and for it to be peaceful time..In
    Jesus name..Amen

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