The Alex Jones Show(2nd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday May 16 2014: Dr. Nick Begich

Ron Gibson asked:

Police State In Your Face -- Date: 05/16/2014 -- -Today - On this Friday, May 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the ever-expanding authoritarian...


  1. rfrankh53

    Religion is just another arm of the spiders web. This country was not built
    on the bible thank God. When Christianity becomes the state religion, all
    sorts of abuses in the name of religion will insue, look at the Muslims who
    live under a state religion.

  2. Troy Nixon

    I never could understand what it is suppose to mean by
    “believing in God.”
    Ha, I thought it was just me. Maybe I need my pineal gland squeegeed.
    It was funny all the folks that tried to get me to understand or at least
    just go along with it when I was a kid. I just didn’t get all the dogma
    and ritual, what was the point?

    I do believe their are forces in the universe that are beyond our
    understanding, and could be understood as good and evil.

  3. Allen White

    Farmers markets and farmers and normal folks that grow there own veggie
    gardens are strong here in East TN and have been since I have lived here
    for the past 10 yrs, they have a major farmers market every year in
    downtown and there seems to not be any problems here as far as that goes,
    and it would be pretty damn hard for anyone to stop them, can see that
    happening. you drive down a regular city street and see corn, greens, ect
    growing in the front yard of a lot of house and most allow pick your
    veggies for a decent price, better than the grocery store prices 

  4. cozyfoxstudio

    Put cameras in classrooms and give parents the code. That’s brilliant.

  5. rudy chase

    ALEX could they hit a small town instead of a major city, like NEW YORK
    OR D.C. with a small nuke. 

  6. Ron Gibson

    The Alex Jones Show(2nd HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday May 16 2014: Dr.
    Nick Begich
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  7. joseph mandarino

    anyway…. Im going to sleep we’ll have to save the country another
    night…. I worked all day…. good night….

  8. joseph mandarino

    these media programs are where reality and entertainment meet…. and its
    here its this place which is the line of scrimmage and Alex and the rest
    control it…. 

  9. joseph mandarino

    … me this is all entertainment…. so I entertain…. but if this
    shit turns out to be real…. the enemy is close and many … and they
    will be coming out of the wood work….

  10. joseph mandarino

    3rd term….. if Obama runs for a 3rd term we are in dire straights…..
    and not because Obama…. but because the threat is real….

  11. Colin Hammill

    Between the travesty of Maaloula and now a 27 year old pregnant woman in
    Sudan sentenced to hang for not changing back to Islam we Christians are a
    disgrace for not acting on those, but that doesn`t make corporations money
    so tell your preachers you know that!

  12. Jayson Williams

    who cares about the native land rights – boring – when does dirty harry
    looking to take out Bundy? I say around July 4, 2014, lets hear more funny
    quotes from Cliven – he is priceless 

  13. sandy holman

    oh plz help the natives bs harper has been hving talks and meetings with
    heads of native tribes harper tryin to trick natives again sending women in
    to try and tlk to the native heads lyin and tricks harper gov corruption
    first nations ppl dont mke deals with harper gov or any gov they lie and
    have tricked the first nations many times they make them live in falling
    dwn huts on a reservations with no heat no food no roofs totally breaking
    treaty and tricked contracts trying to make frst nations perish stealing
    even more of the native land what harper gov is doing now is the same stuff
    the gov has been doing to frst nations since begining of time say no to gov
    first nations love the land respect the land and waste nothing its there
    land the harper gov is nothing but liers 

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