The Alex Jones Show(1st HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday May 14 2014: Fort A.P. Hill

Ron Gibson asked:

White House Crimes -- Date: 05/14/2014 -- -Today - On this Wednesday, May 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the latest Obama scandal after thousands...


  1. Jarrod Ferris

    we’re now into the fifth year of obama’s presidency and I don’t think you
    can site a single piece of anti-gun legislation that has passed or a single
    instance of a lawful citizen having their guns seized.

    not all conspiracies are false, but this notion certainly is. 

  2. Chris Carpenter

    Maybe this just isn’t a training facility. Maybe its being set up as a FEMA

  3. joseph mandarino

    ….. the military would not crush a tea party rebellion….. we’d fuck
    there shit good…. before they even knew what hit them…. we have the
    executive branch on our side douchebags….. so go fuck yourselves…
    you will not move on the tea party before moving on the president
    fuckers…. and that will seal your fate mother fuckers….. fucking
    pentagon jerkoffs…. you think you got away clean with 9/11….. not
    while I have a breath in my lungs scumbags…

  4. Jarrod Ferris

    I don’t understand why building a miniature city for training purposes is
    so awful. what makes more sense? training on wooden horses and tires and
    obstacles, or training on simulated city landscapes? soldiers may need to
    know how to storm a church or a house or a mall or whatever. doesn’t mean
    they are going to do it in Russia. these types of buildings exist all over
    the world. should they be only training in replicas of middle eastern
    cities? would that be an ok training zone? 

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