The Alex Jones Show(1st HOUR-VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday May 15 2014: Infowars Crew Detained

Ron Gibson asked:

End Of Net Neutrality -- Date: 05/15/2014 -- -Today - On the Thursday, May 15 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Jones looks at the FCC's approval of plans for...


  1. Abel Laguna

    Hey Alex if you say you’re going to show a video clip, can you just show
    the damn clip? You go into these tangents and sometimes don’t even get
    around to showing these video clips you’re talking about. The other day you
    said you were going to show a clip on how a citizen with a gun stopped a
    robbery… I watched and wanted to see the dang clip and I don’t even think
    you showed it. Dont get me wrong man… I love your show… and I’m super
    grateful for everything you’re doing. Just wanted to make this small
    request. lol

  2. Jarrod Ferris

    Teaching children that homosexuality is okay is the same, on the surface as
    teaching them it is not okay. The only difference is, homosexuality is
    proven to occur in all species in nature, whereas teach them it is not okay
    is rooted in a subjective 2000 year old book written at a time when no one
    knew anything about the planet, biology, medicine, germs, weather, etc.
    Outdated old philosophy.

    So I’m much more comfortable with teaching kids to be accepting of it based
    on science than denying it based on superstition and supernatural ideology.

  3. moammar gaddafi

    50% of women are bi-sexual and 49.5% of women are lesbian. .5% are A-sexual
    and there goes the neighborhood. 

  4. Phil Theez Bawz

    Alex told the crew to go in at 11:33..hmm 33 is a Masonic number…very
    fishy Mr jonestein,

  5. Jarrod Ferris

    Alex Jones’ conspiracies contradict each other once again. If the “global
    elite” and eugenicists plan to wipe out 90% of the population anyway, then
    what point is there for them to “indoctrinate” children to be accepting of
    homosexual behaviour?

    I think a lot of Conservatives, most of them God-fearing, view themselves
    as weak-minded vermin who are wretched and will succumb to any temptation
    that the “Devil” puts out there. So they think that a kid learning about
    homosexuality will somehow turn them homosexual. I would love to hear one
    single account of a person who was straight until he saw a homosexual act
    and thought “hey, that actually looks like the way to go!” and shifted
    their sexual orientation.

    I can think of countless homosexuals who will closet and deny themselves of
    who they really are, draping themselves in religion. These types of people
    are usually the ones who end up perverted – keeping who they really are
    inside until it warps or manifests into some awful outlet – like

    Homosexuality is occurs in nature, in ever animal species. And if you are
    religious, then you must admit God made gay animals. I don’t think the
    Devil is trying to tempt animals with homosexual urges. haha

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