Subversive Use Of Occult Symbolism in the Media Pt 1


Brief on Occult, Symbolism, Masons and media today


  1. Kitt0000

    @13SuperKings If buy that you mean the rosy or red christian then that’s a possibility. He was mentored by intellectuals and would have most likely been exposed to “the clubs” simply because philosophy, weather positive or selfishly negative is a rather small group. Even just the people that make effort to read books is exceedingly rare.

  2. CollabGiants

    @CollabGiants your talking about i don’t remeber the name its called dimention reality or something, im just saying even though the spirits can change form god is the one that can create life from nothing angels can create life from what is already on earth from what i figure, in enoch the angels work with animal gentics and stuff, an explainion for me where dinasaurs came from and are no longer with us, there is no evolution skeleton of inbetween animals making the science faulty

  3. buddaxX520Xx

    @CollabGiants no doubt the invisible world of spirits exists, but as far as chemical matter is concerned, you suppose that extradimensional entities would have some kind of need for manipulation of physical matter, even though they are free of any bonds or ties to physical reality as we percieve it in it’s dense nature. Would the only purpose on this be to deceive human kind into “believing” we were genetically created by physical beings, when we live in a reality where that IS a possibility??

  4. buddaxX520Xx

    if people believe aliens created them they will be worshipped. That’s exactly what happened. But that doesn’t mean we have to worship them, do WE demand worship from the beings we genetically experiment with, we have our own reasons for doing so, and just because we can doesnt mean there is no God. just heiriarchies, but your body is constructed so, cells, tissues, organs, to ”you” the organism, why would the spritual body of God not be structured the same.. is it not possible at all?

  5. CollabGiants

    @buddaxX520Xx i think the spirtiual world comes into the physical world, both in phycial form we can see and invisible like a spirit of depression, and lonelyness and etc. im just saying if people belive that aliens created them then these angels will be worshiped, the angles that the occult and others worship

  6. buddaxX520Xx

    @CollabGiants angels/demons? need human sperm? you do realize we play around with genetics, so i assume being of the metaphysical reality, angels and demons would not use genetic manipulation, this sounds like something more of a carnal/scientific endeavor. Would it be wrong to assume their just may be beings like US and not like THEM. Not that i don’t believe in angels and demons but i believe in one reality. So both phenomenons are part of one reality, im only interested in the truth. whtuthnk

  7. CollabGiants

    @buddaxX520Xx these beings are nothing more than fallen angles and people creating a hybrid, you have alien abductions taking peoples sperm and eggs. its just gensis 6. angles of light thats all ufos and or the design the nazi’s created in ww2. the world elite have been working hard since the fallen of man taking from babylon and spreading their worship to other countries and the vatican with their babylon gods

  8. CollabGiants

    @buddaxX520Xx he defening aleister crowley and “world culture” which is part of the new world order, he’s a freemason and generational occultist, his double talk about angels good but yet behind blood shed. on my own personal issue is that he talks about aliens creating man but when u look they dig up these bodies of humans that are huge, in eygpt you have one of the statues having six toes on it similar to these skelteon remains, even native american culture has beings with 6 firngers

  9. Suprememessage

    @gromby One can learn the real truth, These symbols are not just used by men, but by other beings. Symbols can do much more, enlighten yourself

  10. truthseeker1973

    That’s the best advice I should take ;)
    I worded that lame. It’s any intent to mislead is a lie. So aside from the little white lies we tell each other every day, marketing of today is nothing but lies as well where there is much intent to mislead, and were all ok with it. I think it’s because we’re brainwashed into thinking that it’s our duty to defend anything remotely linked to ‘Capitalism’, even though it’s now a corporatocracy, or gangster capitalism.

  11. girlphriend

    @truthseeker1973 i’m starting to wonder if he’s “poisening” us or just telling us how HE sees things. no one agrees 100%. he may have been misinformed, too. the next discovery can change everything! thats part of being open minded. being able to say oops maybe i was wrong. wrong doesnt mean evil or agenda ALL the time, does it?

  12. kemetofold

    typical of shills like this guy is….give out info and make themselves look informed and smart but not giving people what is really going on, not giving the real truth that will help people to start waking up …fuck him and jordan maxwell, alex jones, david icke and the rest of them

  13. truthseeker1973

    He certainly could be flat out lying. I love that you put up the definition of lying. People don’t realize how much of their everyday lives involve lies. I point out to them that any intent to leave an impression that isn’t completely true is always a lie, no matter how slight. We’ve all grown to accept the little white lies as normal and acceptable. If one wanted to learn how to lie acceptably, they should take a marketing class.

  14. suddenlyitsobvious

    “1. : lack of honesty or integrity : disposition to defraud or deceive ”

    Tsarion is a dishonest liar.

  15. suddenlyitsobvious

    He is obviously aware of his lies and therefore dishonesty is a perfectly accurate term.
    Of course, even professional liars will be “willingly ignorant” about some things, but taking it this far is basically ignoring what the verb “to lie” or what “dishonesty” even mean.

    to lie/Webster:
    “1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
    2: to create a false or misleading impression


  16. suddenlyitsobvious

    “I don’t know if I would call it dishonesty as much as willingly ignorant.”

    Since I was referring to Tsarion’s dishonesty, I don’t think your distinction applies at all. Many people are indeed willfully ignorant, and this must automatically involve some level of dishonesty: they lie AT LEAST TO THEMSELVES.
    Tsarion however IS LYING TO OTHERS and making a career out of it.

  17. truthseeker1973

    I don’t know if I would call it dishonesty as much as willingly ignorant. Most people aren’t interested in truth, but rather what confirms their desire. Ironically it was Jesus that said most people would walk their own butts into hell, rejecting the only thing that will save them from it.

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