Stewart Rhodes(Oath Keepers) on Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Defend The Constitution!

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

Alex welcomes back to the show Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, an organization of military, veterans, and peace officers dedicated to honor their oaths to defend the Constitution.


  1. PaulLayton1102

    I love you brother Alex…I hate what they are forcing us to do and how horribly they hurt innocent people. Like depleted uranium all over Iraq. I spoke to a veteran who said she works with is daily and she was told it’s perfectly safe. They are a threat n terrorist. Patriot act..Obama defend the constitution. ARREST HIM>

  2. Daltonius1

    yeah. were can I find that video of the uneducated female cop and the pocket constitution?

  3. Ameliagthyo

    I really liked your video. If you need any help getting your channel/video exposed I use a site called Tubeviews . Net It has really done wonders for me.


  4. eldopa69

    i wish alex would keep his mouth shut when his guests are trying to speak and make a point. its as if he wants all the attention on him. i really appreciate what he does, but it really bugs me how he interrupts and cuts in on his guests

  5. hplaserjet2001

    Right on Alex, the evil “NWO” are the world’s terrorists. They create the wars, bankrupt the economy and enslave the people. They are terrified of people waking up.

    Visit my channel “Search for the Truth” for playlists on Argentina’s economic collapse, banking fraud, black ops, bioterrorism, chem trails, economy, global warming scam, masons, NWO, propaganda, vaccines, 911 and more.

  6. jrc3ky

    No, i believe that this was before 9-11 and before Al3ex woke up. Im saying the whole y2k was a psy op and Alex like soooo many people back then believed it. has nothing really to do with after 9-11 or Alex’s sincerity about this real; tyranny. Alex or Dave if you read this am I correct? :) thanks.

  7. jrc3ky

    From smoking weed perhaps? lol. They both fudged the oath on purpose and re took thye oath in private later. No telling what the revised version said, Google it, presidents mess up on oath.

  8. jrc3ky

    Y2k was not a bad thing to fault him on, the nwo put that out to test people like Orsen Wells war of the worlds broadcast. There was also on you tube last year a channeler named Blossom Goodchild who said that oct 13 08 a ufo 300 miles long would hover above Alabama. It was a test. Y2k taught Alex how thyey spin fear, now he knows like we do.

  9. carefulcarpenter


    We need to recognize behavior patterns and deal with how situational forces play in directing individuals to subvert their oaths to become group-minded thinkers. Oaths are meant to protect INDIVIDUAL freedom, not group structures ie. HIERARCHY.

    “Leaders are primarily highly successful followers”

  10. Roxxoxo

    The troops & cops are ignorant of the Constitution! What a shame! I understand why Ron Paul said that the US must pull out of the UN…but that won’t happen!

  11. kblooz

    some of it is laziness…agreed…some of it is debt, some is gm food, some is medicated/fluoridated water some is mind control, bad music shall I go on

    we have plenty of excuses but yes we are spoiled and lazy

  12. antonKASA2007

    Lazyness of the Americans is the biggest enemy which is destroying them all the top lazy idiots to the less lazy idiots

  13. antonKASA2007

    It is time for Americans to wake up, stand up, and those lazy idiots who worship still the elite’s government who deastroyed them and their country must be the top lazyest or top dummiest.World laugh at them

  14. antonKASA2007

    Americans have become to lazy and they look like the dumiest of the planet. Of course they must take their country back which they lost becaue they were to lazy to know,to stupid to understand the truth

  15. DrDissent

    Most recent case in point. The DHS report that he told everyone about DAYS in advance. Lots of people slammed him and called BS. Now the MSMs are reporting it.

    Of course nobody that ran their mouth even maned up and admitted to being wrong. And your right, you can go look up everything he tells people for yourself.

  16. nateduece

    my god people…..the acta act has been passed………WHY IS NOBODY COVERING THIS?!!?!?!?!??!!??! THIS IS INTERNET CENSORSHIP IN ITS PUREST FORM!!!!!!!

  17. jusblaze99

    yeah i think at first he was just trying to make money, and prolly didnt think the things he was saying would come to fruition, but now, he seems pretty driven to help ppl see the truth…. i dont agree with him 100%, but he’s waaaaay better, and less biased than fuckin fox news or local news or whatever, it just sucks that he was wrong on Y2K, thats my ONLY fault with him

  18. callieland

    i dont believe all of law enforcement is morally bankrupt. but i do believe we need the honest ones to come out of the woodwork and HELP US! please, while we still have a country worth saving.

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