STAR TREK 2012 New world Order in 1967 Capt Kirk tells us how to beat the NWO

adam3176 asked:

here are the aliens. the families are farnese borgia breaspear aldobrandini Orsini medici NOT MY VIDEO... Looking for owner. I ripped this video dont thank me.. ;) TEMP agencies are created to take more money for your work.. By Putting them in the middle OF YOU and work. just like everything else they are doing.. EVERYTHING is connected.. Employment agencies steal from you.. they create a need for them then they come back in and FUND temp agencies to take 2-4 dollars for every hours you work... Then they tax your check,,. then tax you agian to spend it.. then they tax you for living. THEN they take all the food away and starve everyone.. Its all be design. Look at the whole picture.. Its all a huge scam. they will Enslave you will temp agencies. Stop listening to promises they will never keep. How to stop the New world order. startrek style.Haarp Scailer Dead fish dead birds BEBE arkasas Mississippi. FEMA New madrid faultline. Earthquake Volcanos Weather changers Bird kill. Death ray. Media end times. The globalaists. Drill. we are in trouble Dead. reset world. 90% Depopulation vaccine shots militia Civil war... 2012 Solar storm Fraud. Killer sunspots. millions billions trillions rockefeller world order secreat weapons cia bio weapons. BP OIL SPILL Ammo test CFR Bilderberg


  1. chodeshadar18

    @murphalot13 You know, maybe you’re right; he may not be an anti-semite, or any religion. I apologize for statements based on heresay. However, he does seem to be an isolationist to an extreme, and does not believe in supporting Israel. I’m worried that without a firm religious or moral reason to back the Jewish state, he will heve a policy of “follow the oil money”, and that I could not support.

  2. eliotbernstein

    Suggestions for change at end of 2nd Presidential Speech re new PEOPLES PARTY of the 99%’ers are armed with an ONLINE CONSTITUTION and a way to take back country for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE. In the PEOPLE PARTY your vote will count, really.

    2012 Campaign Speech 1 Very Important

    2012 Campaign Speech 2 Very Important

  3. murphalot13

    @chodeshadar18 What in the holy hell are you talking about? Ron Paul loves and accepts and understands the importance of freedom of expression and belief of all Religions. For Christ sakes every other Rally he talks to and Speech he gives he makes it VERY CLEAR= Individual principles dictate that any person is allowed belief in whatever they choose, treat their body in whichever way they like, and Live with FREE WILL.
    NOT RACIST – never wrote those newsletters.

    Go bang your head on the wall

  4. astrofrk

    Wow! Every Christian, Muslem, and Jew should watch this. Imagine if everyone from every side stopped for a day and asked themselves: “Why to I have to kill others to prove I have the more Loving God?” What would it be like if nations spent half the resources helping one another as they do on war? When will humanity stop acting like selfish children in the name of God, oil or power? Imagine if Love for humanity was more important than greed. We would be able to build Starships!

  5. LILREDONE1976

    Earth is ruled by a one world government in Star trek that is brought about by a nuclear holocaust, In other words the show says that peace on earth can’t come until the population is reduced.

  6. GiveMeLiberty3

    Brilliant. Use the systems brain washing programs to expose their plans. Like a psychopathic killer that likes to leave clues to the police, the NWO like to put their plans in the TV programing literally warning people what they will do next. Then they sit back and laugh when it happens and people believe the official story.

  7. maninthehood

    @ssjcomix but it used them mainly as pawns and tools to manifest their hegemony over the world, until jewish people realize that it is a bad fight in their name, the evil would commence.

  8. chodeshadar18

    Wow I remember loving this episode way back when we were still fighting in Vietnam. Great vid, except that Ron Paul has said some really bigoted and untrue things about Jews. How can you claim to be for peace and untity if you hate a whole religion?.

  9. 23Brettski

    Excellent! Thank you! If only the general masses understood…VOTE RON PAUL to save America!

  10. medusa7ful

    That so call all seeing I can’t see everything!! It has flaws because it is not seeing with a pure heart!!!

  11. medusa7ful

    Beautiful, I understood this message along. Great Editing!!!! Applause!!!!!!!!! : D

  12. onemanwreckincrew

    Brilliant !
    I was told that the Star Trek episode is called
    Day of the dove. Season 3. Episode 7

  13. ravetunes

    listen to this guy speak about his near death experience, DMT and the mind control in the world today, he has opened my eyes in a way that it all makes sense now, this NWO subject didn’t add up as to what was happening until i listened to the interview below…….


  14. ssjcomix

    @GalaticSpaceHero I am a Christan, therefore I must repent first, for calling you a RETARDED APE, Jews don’t favor the New World Order, it targets them too.

  15. ssjcomix

    @@ Damn, I’ve seen this episode many-many times; my thoughts about the episode were similar: put together with current events, IT BLOWS YOUR MIND !


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