Special Report: The Authoritarians Want to Hunt You Down!

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

Alex returns to the airwaves on this Thursday, December 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show. On the show today, Alex talks about the growing momentum of Democrats led by California's Dianne Feinstein to ram through legislation in the new year banning a large number of firearms and rolling back the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut earlier this month. He talks about the collectivization of America and covers the so-called fiscal cliff as Democrats and Republicans fail to come up with a deal as the terms of the Budget Control Act of 2011 are scheduled to go into effect. [American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan] www.infowars.com [Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts] www.infowars.com [Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America] www.infowars.com [Youtube Video] Israeli Statement On NRA www.youtube.com [Youtube Video] Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America www.youtube.com [Youtube Video] School Obamas's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards www.youtube.com [Check Out Ultimate Tangy Tangerine] (Liquid Bottle) www.infowarshealth.com www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv www.infowars.net www.prisonplanet.com Military & Police Sound Off on Total Gun Confiscation and Civil Unrest


  1. ravenclawtom

    If hating communism is racist, then im the biggest racist in history. Just try and take my guns you commies!

  2. john richards

    I’m a racist because I believe in liberty? Really? Come on people. Where’s your dignity and your brain?

  3. Idolcruisefix

    I thought that mainstream republicanism voted for Bush? Alex despises those worms.

  4. Idolcruisefix

    Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act?????????????????????????

  5. postcardjohn

    “This is not hype”. Look up ‘hyperbole’ in the dictionary. It’s exactly what this is.

  6. postcardjohn

    “Obama really lost the election”. Big statement, where”s you’re evidence for it.

  7. postcardjohn

    I have checked other sources Alex has given and not found one he has not distorted and presented out of context. You try, see what you find.

  8. ave187spade

    has anyone else noticed alex doesn’t show the source of his stories as much?

  9. jim g

    lol…his intro is great in this show. Darth Vader music and “maximum red alert”

  10. DonJulioBlanco2002

    What’s funny is Jones portraying himself as some kind of rugged outsider and iconoclast, when in reality his whole political ideology is plain old John Birch Society stuff from the ’50s. It’s pretty mainstream Republicanism, both then and now.

  11. dujac88

    i first listened to a recording of his radio program in 1997

    he’s a nut case

  12. Brav3SRunn3R

    You must be a fairly new listener? When I first started listening to Alex I had the same assumption. But when you understand that this man has been working hard for 17 years on air, including extremely detailed documentaries and the like, you can then understand why some things slip, he makes a false, prediction, etc.

    Check out his most recent film The Fall of The Republic, goes into great detail, presents nothing but facts, and explains things very honestly.

  13. flirtwd

    5% of the world’s pop flipping over shit they could solve in 2 minutes. Stupid ass country full of goddam nut cases.

  14. dfjr1990

    Im starting to think you have a love connection to alex jones! lmaooooo funny funny stuff!

  15. dfjr1990

    Dude Alex may get labeled a nut, but Bill Cooper is dead. Here’s a hint, one of them are actually against the NWO agenda, and one of them is for it…

  16. Grutch

    If Gun Owners choose to be pussies and lay down and turn their guns in, I pray they suffer the worst from the US Government., I hope they’re carted off to concentration camps, tortured, their families butchered in front of them before they die of starvation. Man up bitches.

  17. Julie Smyth

    all guns need to be banned not just ours. Disarm the Governments and live in peace. All must be disclosed of hidden history.

  18. Julie Smyth

    We need to re-elect natives of the State. Not aliens and keep our laws strong make everyone comply to our laws. How can anyone just change our laws without our permission? Our elected officials must be screened and born in the U.S. We must make every effort to come to a peaceful and firm establishment.

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