Space Analyst Explains Sky Spiral

Space analyst Bill Harwood spoke to Harry Smith about the mysterious spiral in Norway's sky. Harwood explains how a failed rocket could have caused the strange blue lights.


  1. xGRYFONx

    Fkng lame adverts on top and in front, Fuck you Mr Youtube millionaire and your dumb sponsors.

  2. flakebiter

    This is a European Space Agency (ESA) experiment with the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT). It is similar to the US High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP.)

    The station at Ramfjordmoen near Tromso, Norway operates an ionospheric heater. The spiral was the Nordic Ionospheric Sounding Rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE.) It involved a rocket from Sweden which delivered ionized water to the path of the EISCAT.

  3. JG129

    That really does look like a projection. Why the hell would they be projecting that into the sky lol Is it a media stunt or Russia trying to get attention ?

  4. JG129

    I’m 100% with you man. I don’t know what happened but you can gurantte that whatever they are saying on tv is bulshit.

  5. Mekonsprain

    Yep, agree with overturf721. This is a projection. You can see the beam for goodness sake. Was it cloudy? If so, the projection is on the cloud canopy. Missile my ass.

  6. overturf721

    If I had done this stunt I would have made a big hole open up with an eye peering through it. Then I would project the phrase, “Don’t make me come down there!”

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  8. overturf721

    Rockets leave an exaust trail when launched. No smoke trail = no rocket. Just a path of projected light!!!

  9. Lionheart334299

    Not any missile can make so perfect sircles and that much lasting trail and dissapear… Its an alien space ship period.

  10. overturf721

    I don’t know about all this lizard crap but I do know a little about what is happening here. I own a laser and a projector and can replicate this with ease. However , my projector is not that powerful. You would need 30k lumens or better for an image on that scale and distance. The white spiral is from a projector and the blue light trail is a laser 3 watts or better. The corkscrew effect in the laser beam is from the spiral projection overlapping the beam path of the laser.

  11. blite13

    Ever see Austin Powers? Remember the time machine? It spun in a spiral….just thought I would throw it out there.

  12. blite13

    Prove to me he is telling the truth, prove to me that he is NOT a liar. If the guy is on M.S.M and is giving an explanation that is ridiculous…well, that sums it up for me. I don’t believe the TV and I don’t believe whenever the TV props up someone to tell us the “truth”.

  13. therealjordanblue

    Well we are in accord in all areas then except for the fact that the world is being run by “lizards”, please do some research and don’t flame me because you haven’t the slightest clue what I am talking about.

  14. tmos222

    Im pretty comfortable the way i am. Cheers. My friends are probably at home i suppose. Might call em soon. Wanna come for a drink? I am not in fear of anything. You are the one who thinks the world is being run by lizards my “friend”

  15. SpecillK

    Def not a missile. how would they explain why the trail of supposed rocket was spinning along with the supposed rocket?….its physically impossible. its def something big….what?…i dont know. but i know that when all this conspiracy shit comes to light. alot of you norms will be begging for help and info :( sadly we wont be there to help you out. just rely on G-D and prepare for something. even if all the ufo,aliens etc… is bull, you cant deny our government takeover

  16. therealjordanblue

    Thanks for the “tip” and “advice, but it is irrelevant as you are on here making comments as well, so where are your friends to socialize with? Keep yourself in your comfortable bubble of fear as long as you wish my friend. Truth will out. And I don’t mean literal little tiny lizards that crawl on the ground.

  17. therealjordanblue

    I’d like to see you try to pull out a tigers teeth or claws without any sedation and see how “high” on the food chain you really are.

  18. Goodwill

    Guys wake and smell the coffee . The eliens are the fallen angels , they need a place to discend in earth so that the new world order of lucifer aka satarn can begin . So no turning back it was not a missile but angels aka eliens and this happened in moscow , china too , check this wap Secret Of Light aka secret of lucifer

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