Space Analyst Explains Sky Spiral

Space analyst Bill Harwood spoke to Harry Smith about the mysterious spiral in Norway's sky. Harwood explains how a failed rocket could have caused the strange blue lights.


  1. flakebiter

    This is a European Space Agency (ESA) experiment with the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT). It is similar to the US High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP.)

    The station at Ramfjordmoen near Tromso, Norway operates an ionospheric heater. The spiral was the Nordic Ionospheric Sounding Rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE.) It involved a rocket from Sweden which delivered ionized water to the path of the EISCAT.

  2. Tuffguy666

    Failed missile, yeah right. One more cover up to add to the rest, they must think we are all thick


    yeah all right, missile spinning and then desappearing in a black hole like… what about the blue light then? isn’t all that a projection? some sort of cutting edge disco beacon?

  4. morpher44

    This likes like what HAARP might be able to do in terms of heating the ionosphere. The spiral is too perfect to be a crazy out of control missile. Weather modification? Chaos theory might bite back!

  5. JigenD

    The Russians were opening a portal to the Xen dimension obviously.

    Take a look at the open dimensional portal as seen in Half Life 2 Episode 1. Exact same thing.

  6. TheProlific1980

    you know what I think. I think we are going to find out soon,whether our governments want us to or not.

  7. soulpeaceinchrist

    My children saw a flash of blue light 2 times in a row then a 3rd later that night. They were seen off in the North sky Tuesday evening in NE Illinois. Someone on my Facebook also mentioned seeing a blue light in the sky also Tuesday night who lives around our area. There were reports of power outages too. I know we woke up to find that the electric had gone off sometime that evening.

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