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FAIR USE ACT NOTICE ------------ WATCH THIS !!! Cops shot non-lethal rounds toward men, women and children and unleashed a dog who charged toward a stroller during a clash with mostly Latino residents in Anaheim following an officer-involved shooting there.


  1. TechBetta

    wow, a group of pigs don’t know better to attack children and women. Everyone should stand up and make it clear that cop are for justic and protect not hurting the community.

  2. ElMinotauroDiablo

    It’s a group of people that are currently being stereotyped you idiot, races of human beings aren’t the only thing that can be stereotyped.

  3. beansemo

    your talking about riots! That will only make it worse. A man in Ana drive (in Anaheim) gets shot and they make it into a big freaking deal by lighting up dumpsters, throwing dumpsters into the street, and throwing rocks to cops; this is certainly not going to make the situation any better!

  4. wildcard702

    Lost credibility?.. if anything I gained credibility lol and you forgot Afghanistan as well, pussy.

    I also wouldn’t consider myself as being “dumbed down” (I was Military Intelligence dumbass and learn some grammer) or brainwashed by the U.S. government…which has nothing to do with the U.S. Military..

  5. cobainzlady

    it’s different police departments run by totally different people. that’s why things are handled differently. do you think there aren’t any latinos or blacks in the police depts? wrong.

  6. ElMinotauroDiablo

    Well if you knew how to read then you know I did that on purpose to show you how its a sterotype and its racist, do you even know what stereotype means?? Do you know what racist means?? YOUR DOING IT RIGHT NOW YOU FUCKING IDIOT “They are police why does it matter where they come from” THAT’S THE SAME AS SAYING ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE DRUG DEALERS YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

  7. q41n

    Because liking one black fascist that takes his orders from rich white people means you’re not racist?

  8. beansemo

    If your in a freaking riot you better get out of there. You don’t want to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time!

  9. ilkhanX

    Forget peaceful protests man!
    This is what you have to do to get their attention.
    Think about it they gonna march up and down the streets? They gonna have to get GOVERNMENT permits to protest the government, plz.
    Honestly its about time we started protesting like this hell in France they do 10X worse to get more vacation time.
    I just hope nobody gets hurt to bad and nobody loses a car or house over this.
    They ain’t carryin’ dear rifles so its a peaceful protest.

  10. bsg57aBS

    Just because I didn’t put Anaheim in front of police brutality doesn’t mean that I am generalizing the situation. Why would you say “like all black people are drug dealers”? Again, turning this into a race issue. They are police. What does it matter where they come from?! It happened and it shouldn’t have! Don’t reply and waste my time unless you have a rational thought.

  11. q41n

    >haha, not even gonna comment on how fucking stupid you just made yourself sound right there..
    Well you just fucking did idiot. Why don’t you leave America and get an education?
    Too poor because your stupid government?
    That’s the only reason anyone would join the military in America.

  12. kingjbthebizzle

    Yeah an utterly racist nation with a black fucking president you dumb fucking moron

  13. dawes777

    This is what cop-thugs do with impunity - and it is on the rise. The decisions and directives come from the very top. Which clearly means that the top officials are the leading criminal psychopaths.
    The good American people will have to decide what to do about it. Either to allow the despicable situation to escalate, with official depravity, brutality and murder, or to do something to stop it outright. ‘The people’ have a choice. You will have to decide!!!

  14. AfroBeatProductions

    >White guy goes on shooting rampage in Colorado, kills children; He gets taken into custody unharmed, people say he has mental illness.
    >Latino Male gets shot by police for virtually no reason and neighborhood protests the overreaction; Rubber bullets, attack dogs, and bean bag guns from Riot cops.

    Yeah, that seems fair.

  15. beansemo

    People should also protest against gangs and not just against cops using excessive force on someone!

  16. Kainlarsen

    Well, it doesn’t get more damning than that.
    I dare say there is fault on both sides, but the police should know better than to start shooting when there are children in the area.

  17. HonestEyes15

    Did I say all white people were bad? Nope. Well think why is it that more low income families are the minorities are them most of the time? Lazy Mexicans! There were no fatalities? So that makes it okay? Setting a dog on a mother and her toddler? WTF were they doing? These people are innocent! They shot some guy for no reason! Talk about common sense. Lots of police are corrupted. Even with stupid little things like driving. If you’re not fucking working stop abusing the rules of the road.

  18. Fractoman

    They. Shot. A. Kid.

    I feel like we’re on the cusp of a, like it or not, necessary rebellion against this police state.

  19. ElMinotauroDiablo

    Being forced to live in a concentration camp and do hard labor for no compensation is opression, living in a country where your openly allowed to protest is very far from opression my friend.

  20. tiaraduby

    These cops are just getting too trigger happy. They think that because they carry a weapon, they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Saddest part, 99% of the time, they do…

  21. cobainzlady

    no, it didn’t look violent, those people actually live there as far as i can tell. looks like it. this is bad policework. to shoot at or attack people randomly because some other person did something is inexcusable. and it was done with no care whatsoever that there were innocent women and babies in the immediate area. NO excuse. even if they were illegals to be deported, still, this violence is not called for in this scene.

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