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Anyone who's ever tuned into the History Channel's "Secret Societies" recognizes these quotes from its opening segment. As part of the "History's Mysteries" ...


  1. Rev55

    “The world is gonna turn to fascism”

    ●Absolutely, for thos that scream safety the government says NSA.
    ●For those that scream my feelings are hurt, the government say no freedom
    of speach (censorship).
    ●For those that scream his beliefs harm me with his votes, the government
    screams thought police.

    You are giving up basic fundamental rights for selfish reasons,
    Your expanding the government’s reach into everyones daily life.
    Common core or school reformation has nothing to do with learning, it has
    to do with government submission and government mandated humanism fascist
    moralism. The government and the left agenda is here to say

    “Parents are just the stewards of the students (feed, house, maintain),
    We the liberal government will educate them on world history (we control
    past, present and future), we will establish morals right and wrong
    (pedophiles run this sick world)”

    -this is what I gather as a concerned member of society

    “Parents have a notion that there children are theres, children are not
    theres they belong to whole communities”


    When the world is filled with error how can you trust the community to
    teach your children morals. The Roman Empire taught morals and today our
    secular learning institutions use the teachings of Roman philosophers,
    these guys where moral corrupt pedophiles, do you want your children to
    grow up to be these kind of thinkers?

    Even if you dont believe in “illuminati” God vs Devil, God vs evil these
    people do,
    Why do we have Roman Empire architecture, egyptian obelisks, babylonian sun
    worship, sadomites in our government.

    George Bush, John Kerry where in skull and bones, they go worship molech,
    apedophile demon God, in Bohemian Grove.

    Even if you dont believe, these twisted f&#$ do.

    God help us all

    YouTube video: satanically sexualized kids 2014

  2. shenell dixon

    The original model for the Statue of Liberty was a black woman, but the
    design was changed to appease white Americans who would not accept an
    African-American Liberty.

  3. Alan Bourbeau

    It has been said that after the Knights Templar met their downfall, they
    morphed into a bigger and better secret society called the Freemasons.

  4. Pablo Muñoz

    lol The Illuminati channel talking about the illuminati even the logo of
    this channel have the pyramid in it!, obviously only providing deceitful
    information and mockery.

  5. trev moffatt

    What a laugh riot. The constitution so beloved of Alex Jones was written by
    the Illuminati. 

  6. acandycoatedclown

    David Icke is intelligent, articulate and historically accurate. Jim Marrs
    on the other hand is starting to remind me of a “darkie.” Specifically,
    trying to sound intelligent by making words up. If I am hearing him right,
    those words don’t exist. I don’t think he knows the meaning of most of the
    words he does ues ! Buy a dictionary !

  7. Jeremy Ostinelli

    David Ike = Legend
    Full Documentaries = Awesome

    Thank you very much for this absolute Gem of a video , this is probably in
    my top 10 documentaries….

    You’ve got yourself a new subscriber
    Thanks again an peace out x 

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