Secret Of Whitney Houston’s Death Discovered!

VaticanRatline asked:


  1. hy-brid su

    my sister uses or should i say hooked on the mophine pain killer patch ,i keep telling her to ditch them but …….

  2. DiaFav8

    wait a minute. how do we know she wss not framed due to her history. it is easy to say she did it to herself. people can be framed and cover things up. whitney did not fit into the nwo due to her belief in God. perhaps, she was…welcome to the nwo.

  3. MsLuvera

    I hope this ass looking gorilla is watching the news. He is so far off the track. You should be sued for slander.  Hey folks don’t upload this shit from this bastard. Ms. Houston has a daughter out here in a very sensitive state of mind. Don’t upload this crap! This man is quack riding on a deceased womans coat tail. You should be hanged!

  4. vvveuvie

    They killed her off. Prescription drugs may be the excuse they use and the prescriptions may have weakened her system to Dew technology and mind control frequencies they are using on people. No doubt, they exited her out for various reasons being a sacrfice or distraction. No coincidence it happened on the eve of the Grammy’s with her replacement Jennifer Hudson singing a “tribute” to her. It was all planned and arranged.

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