1. guydeuche666

    Like any other opinion choose what you want to believe. I think this is one of the better videos i have seen depicting ancient history and it wasnt made out to be a nonsense video about how corrupt our world is. I really like this video and hope too see more just like it

  2. discordianz5

    you can find the entire cuniform texts online as well as the translations. its easier to believe in alternative theories sometimes just because the mainstream are such known liars. and a lot of these theories make sense and explain a lot but like anything else. Do Your Own Research!

  3. discordianz5

    after looking into sitchens claims its my opinion he made it up and if that is the case this vid starts out with disinfo. not telling anyone what to believe but at least look into it. i used to believe sitchens books, theories and translations. it made sense to me and explained most of the things i had questions about. but looking into it it looks like he made it up.

  4. discordianz5

    #3 sitchen before he passed was asked by different researchers to provide the location in the texts for some of his interpretations and he was not able to because they did not exist. #4 he refused to debate his translations against real scholars. i fell for this too and was whole heartedly sold on the things sitchen wrote about. its a great story and a plausible explanation for how we got here. im not telling you to believe me but please research it.

  5. discordianz5

    I bought and have read all of Sitchens books before i heard that he #1 had no training or college degree that would have allowed to be able to interpret the texts. #2 scholars do not agree with sitchens interpretations like this video says.

  6. informationwarfare

    Documentary designed to create world peace.

    Check out The Virus Of Freedom Directors Cut on my channel for free and share it to save the world!

  7. wiseman312

    Can you tell me why all the eygptian stories are the same as the story of Jesus? and yet they are much older than the bible? im sure you know that right? check that out, your answer should be…the all Perfect uncorrupted Council of Nicea decided that those stories were untrue but that they somehow had to replace them with a slightly different account of the same story, or maybe the demons got to man first and inspired those much older books, lastly where is the construction of pyramids?(bible)

  8. wiseman312

    Im not saying demons don’t exist, but unless you can explain why boats and ships vanish in the bermuda triangle, please shut it because you said on your other comment, there’s nothing new in this video, so your saying you know about all this and it’s a lie, or your saying some of it is true? i guess you thought people would read your comment and not watch the video, i know you can’t disprove that, those are facts, stop thinking anything other than religion is satanic, it’s called spiritual

  9. wiseman312

    this is one you wanna pull out the popcorn for…..with oily extra buttered topping :)

  10. martinandreev

    Lol retard xD You think there were dinosaurs during those time LOL Dumbass, that was a long time ago.

  11. William DeLarge

    I’m not saying I believe this but it’s the people like you that humankind can never progress. We are constantly held back because every time a path is created towards peace, people like you go “this is bs” or “this doesn’t make sense”. What doesn’t make sense is how some incredible being created all of us and created so much for us but for some reason we haven’t not seen or had any true contact with him for thousands of years. All I’m saying is if people want to believe this for peace let them

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