Satanic Illuminati Super Bowl Ritual Exposed.

ConspiracyDetective asked:

Satanic Illuminati Super Bowl Ritual Exposed. Unbelievable symbology at the Super Bowl, If you are not aware that this is happening then look into this symbo...


  1. Ron G

    the idea of the illuminati has basically become a kind of “Halloween costume” if you will that these pop stars co-opt in order to add to their image. they’re not in the illuminati. jay z is no more a part of the secret world leadership than I am a vampire when I dress up as Dracula on October 31st.

  2. Ron G

    I doubt the illuminati would want someone like beyonce in their group. she’s just some airhead popstar that the record company uses to sell “music”.

  3. ConspiracyDetective

    does this include the millions who have suffered so far and still counting..maybe when the new world order comes for you, you will be asking where god is..Maybe all this is happening so that God can see who is courageous and faithful enough to stand up and sacrifice themselves for God and goodness..when I say sacrifice I do not mean death.

  4. ConspiracyDetective

    The bible is nothing more than Constantines propaganda which is why Christianity is based on ancient pagan laws, dont believe me? Jesus is a representation of the sun God. which is why we go to church on SUNday, look at the yearly sun cycle, especially between 21st and 25th of december. makes me laugh how christians just follow blindly without any real knowledge of the history of the bible. but just sit there and do nothing..constantine was a traitor to humanity. a Pagan and an emperor

  5. ConspiracyDetective

    marketing scheme? you say that like this is all new in music, satanism has been in music for years, Led zeppelin, the Beatles, Robert Johnson, to name but a few. google Aliester Crowley and realize who SGT Pepper is,

  6. doorto themountain

    kudos for the video, spot on, check out my humble videos…an ongoing oddessy through the corrupted landscape of consciousness…..xx

  7. TheLanreb02

    People don’t try to stop them because they are threatened by them, and they of coarse don’t want some big company coming and taking the US out of debt. They want the USA, and if any one try’s to get America out of our debt that we are in, they’re gonna be murdered by them. That’s how Michael Jackson died that’s how Tupac died. MJ was formally black, and he got a disease that made him have white spots, that was a threat from them to shut up, or they will kill him.

  8. Brave Kidd

    Im not worried about it, god wont let anything happen to me, he will come get me before anything bad happens

  9. him7331

    Gay-Z & Trick-yonce are what Makaveli prophetize about on “Smile” : trading my soul for material wishez fast carz and bytchez…… FIRE BURN THA R..O…C..

  10. CLA UDIU

    Illuminati proves Christ

    You see Christ warned us Satan would gather the leaders of the world to force a one world government

    its happening right now

    the prophecy went into even more detail
    the prophecy pin pointed who the leader of the Illuminati would be
    its the anti Christ
    the prophecy also pin points who this anti Christ is

    its the pope
    the same power that murdered 50 million Christians in the dark ages
    you see the pope and his Jesuits started the Illuminati same agenda they share

  11. anabelquintero74

    You full of shit dnt believe these conspiracy theories and do research yourself thre mind sees what it chooses to see. Illmuminati fucking idiots.

  12. Astral 7ight

    The Illuminati has been exposed already by Donald Marshall.

    The two biggest Illuminati secrets are: Cloning Center’s/Stations and Vril Lizards

  13. tetilt

    Before that they were the Vikings and before that they were generally known as the Tribe of Dan (Denyen, Sherden, Danuna, Tuatha de Danaan, Phoenicians ETC), before that, Atlanteans.

  14. CLA UDIU

    The lord JESUS IS COMING the Illuminati is proof of this

    that is why the lord Jesus told us satan would gather the kings of the earth and force a one world government with the anti christ at its head

    and its happening

    the leaders of the world are part of occult groups

    heres a secret the leaders of the Illuminati are the catholic Jesuits

    it is so because the pope is satans anti Christ

    the lord Jesus warned us that the anti Christ would hide in Christianity and rule from the city of Rome

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