Ron Paul & Joe Rogan 2012 – A Kick Ass Team

111Ancientarchetype asked:

Ron Paul Joe Rogan on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno Rosanne, Charlie Sheen, Joe Rogan, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Drumvelo Melchizedek - 2012 Prophecy of Reality -Evolution of Man, Natural DMT is released by brain on Marijuana, Fda cover-up ban both,. Worldwide Cover-up of DMT Evolution Aliens Ufos No Secret Anymore,..Joe Rogan: - The 2012 Evolution that 20-20 is Covering-up,.. Charlie Sheen, "You People Look in The Mirror and Judge that Pathetic Lying Deviant Hypocrit" .. Joe Rogan - I'm just trying to Evolve - Like Everyone Should Be Doing.... "The un-evolved mind's logic ties me up and rapes me" , Use Hemp for Everything, Quit cutting trees for paper.. .. Electric Water Evolutionary Subterranean H2O2 Green Rivers,- UFO's and Flying Saucers Viktor Schauberger - Nature was my Teacher - . Gravity is not real, as known - TIME . is . FAKE .History and Timelines are altered and fabricated constantly . Scott Shaubel . Time is altered . Time is warpable .. .Use Hemp like it was for the last 10000 years, for everything.. UV sunlight is magnetic wireless electricity, Gamma Light is supercharged wireless electricity,Cell Phone Tesla Towers Transmit Wireless Electricity, Wars are to destroy history, and subterranean h2o2 green fountain of youth rivers - (magnetic power points of Earth) . History is replaced with a preferred history.... Humans are Cosmically Connected To Earth & Everything by Natural Sun Nano Electricity = AC DC Wires are Devils Veins Tesla Free Wireless Electricity ...


  1. 111Ancientarchetype

    @5T4RSCREAM144 .. gamma is coming from lots of places,..Cygnus X-3 has distinguished itself by its intense X-ray emissions and by ultra-high energy cosmic rays. It also made astronomical headlines by a radio frequency outburst in September 1972 which increased its radio frequency emissions a thousandfold. Since then it has had periodic radio outbursts with a regular period of 367 days. These flares are of unknown origin, but they are exceedingly violent events

  2. 5T4RSCREAM144

    Those names on the title… are you meaning they are clones? What are the names for?

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