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RON PAUL CONFIRMS NEW WORLD ORDER is US Strategy and IMMIGRATION REFORM IS A LIE! Presidential candidate Ron Paul discusses the New World Order aka New International Order, in his presidency campaign against Barrack Obama and John McCain.


  1. vechorik

    Immigration by the numbers — off the chart (demonstrated with gumballs) also includes world’s poor

  2. goldendoomer

    never under-estimate the American citizen and how WE feel about OUR country…from our young video gamer/potheads to our old and fat office/factory workers. WE are Fighters!

  3. gooseCha

    @rage666956 idiot. skepticism is dangerous bro. don’t get carried away. what more do you want? look at the guy’s voting record. Disinfo agent since the 70’s really (he has been saying this stuff since then when no one listened)? you are pathetic

  4. TheChicahuaAchcauhtI

    It’s a good thing FELONS can’t vote or OBAMA would be creating a “dream plan” to get them OUT OF PRISON and pardon them!! After all, they were just “TRYING TO EARN A LIVING”!!!

    If Obama makes it easier for ILLEGAL ALIENS to get citizenship it will not stop the flow of Mexicans across the border; IT WILL ACCELERATE IT!!!
    EACH AND EVERY ILLEGAL GRANTED CITIZENSHIP WILL BRING 10 MORE FAMILY MEMBERS INTO THE COUNTRY!!!! legalizing 10 million illegals will bring in 100 million MORE!!!

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