Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (Illuminati?) – Celebrity Deaths: Ledger, Penn & Carradine

Mohammed Amin asked:

Randy Quaid has claimed Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine were one of many celebrities "whacked" by a group of Hollywood criminals.


  1. Anna Reed

    I’m so glad someone is finally standing-up for themselves. Dennis Quaid is a dick! He completely caved on his bro for a little money. Good Job Randy, you’re very brave!

  2. Vicky Owens

    Randy Quaid is so right…but this Dennis thing must really hurt. We know what he is saying, The Industry…….! Thanks to the Lord, He gave us Jesus Christ!!!

  3. nondormantinformant

    You just know anyone that played cousin Eddie has it together . He is not lying.
     These people he speaks of are rotting scum ruining anything that is good. An underground network of pedophiles and satan worshipers. Those that resist end up on the wrong side of the grass, and why it seems to happen so much ,WAKE UP ASLEEPLE SHEEPLE.

  4. dick childers

    LOYD BRAUN WAS THE ATTORNEY FOR BOB CRANE. he allegedly embezzled a bunch of money from crane.

  5. maxxmann1972

    This is what happens when you wake up and take a stand against the powers that be. Just so you know. Sacrifices have to be made, maintaining your freedom is not free or cheap. But it is worth the struggle. Good luck.

  6. NovaJake360

    I apologize but that last comment at the end was such a dick move. Guys probably there to make a joke out of the whole thing.

  7. TheArcanum05

    Randy Quaid talks about his personal expierence that no one but him can explain, but then gets called “delusional”. Some people, man…


    Gosh you it goes to show you that you have to ding deeper into what people say about organizations groups like with the Bergson Group. People say bad things about them which could mislead the masses into turning on them. We should emulate the Jew and G-D, L-rd, Hashem, Blessed Be He and not become moral lepers who spread evil gossip to destroy an entity who actions speak otherwise. FDR and a lot of Americans live in such a plastic world its sad…..:(

  9. Hugo Flemfla

    It is up to those being harassed to turn all that negative energy into positive action!

  10. Hugo Flemfla

    (Newscast) “Police are scratching their heads as to why a young man described by classmates as a ‘quiet, gentle guy’ would pull out his father’s nine millemeter pistol and begin murdering his classmates”. LISTEN UP. PEOPLE! THE POLICE DO KNOW WHAT TURNS THE MEEK INTO MURDERERS! They just ain’t sayin’ for fear of encouraging more harassment vics to follow suit!

  11. Hugo Flemfla

    @TheCrazyFinn Don’t laugh, Finney. You could so easily be next. Or are you part of a “small network of individuals” yourself?

  12. Hugo Flemfla

    @Lynette Carrington This social travesty does exist, Lynnette. A reluctance on the part of lawyers, the difficulty and expense involved in proving and prosecuting perps, as well as their increasing boldness, creates “human time bombs”, filled w/ murderous rage and despair. They are effectively camouflaged from scrutiny, as only benign people are picked on. Do any of your innocent loved ones unknowingly come into contact w/ such a time bomb on a daily basis?

  13. Hugo Flemfla

    Randy, I’m w/ u, bru. This was also done to me, by a fear/hate-mongering group, who worked at a facility I frequented. This organization is a household name w/ an established reputation, used as a shield by fear/hate-mongers who spread lies to wound a person’s life. Obviously, they had done this many times before, as they were quite good at it. If any of you have experienced, or know someone who has experienced the same thing, please respond. Let’s stand together, AND FIGHT!

  14. Zedinaable

    In a hadith the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,

    ” I warn you against him (the Dajjal) and there was no prophet who warns His People To Fight. But I’ll Say Something Unprecedented Disclosed By Prophet Sebelumku.Kalian should know that he Eyed One. And God is Not Eyed One”

  15. Smischnikov

    “Delusional” and “paranoid”…what a “journalist.” Facts don’t matter anymore…it’s just a big high school popularity show, complete with the sick and evil exclusion of those who would dare speak out about what’s really going on. God bless you, Randy.

  16. TheCruithneach

    Delusional and paranoid my ass they did it to me and ultimately killed my child. We a ruled by psychopaths, led off to injust wars and deeds by psychopaths yet no one of the 99% not involved have the courage to assault the 1% real culprits. Good on you Randy.These criminals fear the Holywood coterie that are aware and have assets that can make a difference and tacitly display the truth in films like Braveheart; a history film? its about now. Doing nothing is not an option. Its heart is Mass Onyx

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