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vic3003 asked:

Dr. Ron Paul is one of the very few speaking some real truth. Take this country back from the banksters that are destroying our economy and sending our fine soldiers to die in corporate wars. The spirit of 1776 thrives in 2012! www.RonPaul.com


  1. ExplodingBumfluff

    @Lrdvltr Actually I live in the UK, so i’m neutral and I have logical reasons backing my argument whereas you are a hero worshipper who has no conclusive evidence backing any of his claims. Finally I am not a troll, since they try and piss people off while I try to smack some sense into ignorant assholes. Once you realise most of politics is fixed and is a very dark profession in closed walls, you won’t see Ron Paul with such an open light.

  2. critter505

    I hate to say it because I think RP is awesome, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to win the nomination. So, if he doesn’t, I implore all of you to consider Gary Johnson. And remember, a vote for the lesser of 2 evils is still a vote for evil.

  3. Lrdvltr

    @ExplodingBumfluff He has never lied in his political career. Now go troll Gingrich or Santorum videos. Only a self loathing liberal asswhipe would try to defame Ron Paul.

  4. ExplodingBumfluff

    @Lrdvltr How do you know, have you been with him and listened to everything he’s ever said all his life

  5. monototal81

    @TheMRrickroll and you narrow minded kid probably voted for dubaya in the first place. republican short term memory i would call this. a bit like gold fish.

  6. WeBeItching




  7. Achilles1389

    Take a look at this arrogant statement made by the Israeli prime minister in the year 2001.

    ” Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it. ”

    — Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

    Ron Paul will PUT AN END to this Israeli control of the US government !

    *** RON PAUL 2012 ***

  8. ExplodingBumfluff

    @shadzrob123 Don’t be fooled so easily, the information you read and the things you see aren’t always what they seem. I’ve seen his record and I know of his constitution too, hes far from perfect and politicians are generally not intellectually gifted, but act under the needs and demands of the public. He has some very bad laws he wants to pass but of all the candidates he is probably one of the best.

  9. 2345mikey

    How is this guy not leading all candidates by a landslide. Since he is behind in some polls, it just shows you how lost this country really is. The presidential voting shouldn’t even be close. Paul should already be in the White House. Come on people. Make up you’re own mind don’t let Fox and CNN do it for you.

  10. benhaad4sho

    i gave up on politics a long time ago, bot this old cat really seems sincere! he doesnt seem like a liar like the rest of them. we really need to back down on trying to run the world! we cant even fix our own problems here! i think about all the people out there that lost their children in these bogus wars! thats sad! and for what? (

  11. shadzrob123

    @ExplodingBumfluff hes not lying go look at his record, hes unwavering in his ideas, the most honest and intellectually gifted politician of our time. Please do some research and you will find out yourself!

  12. octohedron1

    @ExplodingBumfluff Do you really think that our constitution permits invading other countries or that the Founders of the United States had that in mind? There are people here who don’t want to be in these wars you know and the constitution is the most perfect document ever created. Our government does do these things you talk about but not by the will of the good people in the country.

  13. Evilson251

    @gokoo123 wrong, wrong and wrong. The holocaust occurred because of the United States meddling in WWI and the treaty of versailles… are you so warped that you fail to understand that it was the conditions the french, british and my own country placed upon germany after WWI, that allowed for a man like hitler to rise to power? And regardless of whether it was under the control of the brits or not, it wasn’t there place to go and do that! the british never knew their place in the world

  14. Evilson251

    @gokoo123 israel shouldn’t exist you fucking moron…. it was resurrected by britain you idiot! do you see anyone going into the US, to resurrect native american nations? no you don’t, and people have the right to be pissed off if that happens to them. Frankly, it’s not there fault, but I wouldn’t exactly care if they did get wiped off the face of the earth. They ran with a bad idea and didn’t even so much as apologize for claiming land stolen for them.

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