Post-9/11 Crusade: How to win enemies and terrorize people

RussiaToday asked:

Security is being stepped up across the US following a terror threat on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. American intelligence intercepted communications from an Al-Qaeda operative in Pakistan indicating plans for a vehicle bomb plot against New York City or Washington. As RT's Marina Portnaya reports, a decade on many US citizens still feel vulnerable in their own country. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:


  1. 407buddy

    @mrthompson878 Like they say: Something is rotten in the state of denmark. 9/11 doesn’t pass any smell test.

  2. DavidRain44

    911 happend now we know to do backgrounds on poilates and what ever else they do to keep planes safe up lets see this as a lerning eperience we should have ben prepared (b t w) when the first building went up in flames they should have evaquaten the second

  3. mrthompson878

    @407buddy In 2001 it apparently didn’t take much for a group of renegade terrorists to hijack a plane, and once you have control of a plane you have a lot of physical power in your hands to cause a lot of destruction. When you have a couple more of them, you have more power to cause more destruction and despair. It’s not like it was a coordinated military strike.

  4. Mrhockey1996

    George Bush said in his book/ an interview he would get paid if he went to war with someone, why not frame someone who can’t defend themselves. Why not give hundreds of lives for money. Sounds like terrorism right at home!

  5. 407buddy

    @mrthompson878 We’re cool. Technically sophisticated major attacks a generally state sponsored by countries with the ability to do so (US, Israel, UK etc) not by cave man with outdated sat phones. (see: JPALS)

  6. Usmcspartan420

    4 planes… thats all the proof I need. Anthrax attacks… fucking underwear for a bomb… Jihad is what attacked us. By heroin addicted killers and rapists. War is hard… and this is our generations pearl harbor. We will remember forever! God bless all the victims of the attacks. Today we celebrate you! We will never forget.
    Let us be united as we were from the beginning! God bless America!!!

  7. mrthompson878

    @407buddy I didn’t say your information was wrong, in fact it is evidently quite right, I just said it didn’t prove that that technique was used on the two towers. For instance, how do you know that they wrapped the beams in thermate? I saw two planes hit two towers and it was as simple as that. A foreign attack on the U.S.

  8. mrthompson878

    @407buddy You have proven nothing. Instead of show how that stuff works, you should actually prove that it was there in the first place, then maybe you will have a decent argument.

  9. mrthompson878

    @HazeWaveTV It all burned up. I know how much you conspiracy theorists hate to think and act with common sense, but there is such a thing as fire, and it can sometimes be quite hot!

  10. wasssuppp08

    Probably sat round a table in room with the curtains drawn and the lights turned down low and then asked is there anybody there? and then got a message from Osama bin Laden from the other side saying he was going to haunt them.

  11. cybrotius

    The terrorism bubble is going to collapse just like the real estate bubble and the bubble did before it. Ten years is long enough for me. I’m going back to sleep now, wake me up when the alien invasion bubble arrives.

  12. Galwaybanana

    people in america have been programmed by television and media not to realise what is going on Americas media effects many countries imagine being there fucking media zombies

  13. Eslamizar

    9/11 was an inside job/false flag. What we are doing in Libya is an act of terrorism. Don’t forget building 7 people.
    Hey George and Dick… I will see you in hell!

  14. arzama1

    @MyPantsAreSomewhere It does make sense, and it’s actually a quote from Benjamin Franklin. sooooo FUCKADICK.

    And YOUR reply makes no sense. iNSLAVED? The quote is related to the patriot Act. If you don’t what that is, then dont reply please.

  15. halani

    Mossad has the molten metal in the basement of WTC1,2 & 7, quickly spirited away from the crime scene and now safely in Israel. They can blackmail USA forever with it !!

  16. jewlSecond

    We get attacked and YOU MORONS blame us. We didn’t go far enough with the PATRIOT ACT or which MUZZY COUNTRIES we destroyed.

  17. 407buddy

    WTC buildings steel beams were packed with Thermate TH-3 (which is not an explosive hence the quit free fall), Thermate is wrapped around all steel vertical support columns on each floor at a 45 degree angle and burns>slices thru these beams. Innercore beams (elevator shaft) are ignited seconds b4 all others

    (Thermate-TH3 (in military use) is 68.7% thermite, 29.0% barium nitrate, 2.0% sulfur and 0.3% binder (such as PBAN).

  18. RevolutionNewsDotUS2

    Most 9/11 commissioners question the govt, so why don’t you?


    9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned: “It is a national scandal”; “This investigation is now compromised”; and “One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”

    9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says: “the Commission was set up to fail, people should keep asking questions and the 9/11 debate should continue”

  19. RevolutionNewsDotUS2


    9/5/2001: Bush Plans Afghan Invasion a week before 9/11, Condoleezza Rice Testifies to 9/11 Commission:

    /watch?v=Nki9M4alG1A (C-SPAN)

    9/9/2001: Bush had Bin Laden Attack Plan on His Desk:

    /watch?v=-bFNGknwOd0 (NBC News)

    9/10/2001: Bush Signed Invasion of Afghanistan:

    /watch?v=zcsbfjR9WIE (MSM News)

    9/10/2001: FEMA Arrives In NY City (MSM News)

    AE911Truth org ~ FireFightersFor911Truth org ~ PatriotsQuestion911 com

    RON PAUL 2012! —REAL News @ RevolutionNews.US

  20. greg357159

    Bullshit… There are NO TERRORISTS ! This is a FEAR tactic to see just how stupid you are. Bush and Cheney with their mafia has used this lie to control your behavior and steal your freedoms ! If an attack happens it will be a planned attack by our own government . People be observant, watch suspicious looking utility vehicles, or activities not normal. Use cameras to spook these government traitors. . look for any possible way you the American people can organize and work together. peace

  21. MrFurling

    9-11 was a inside job and the war on terror is false. This is, were being used to take away your freedoms. Bush has got a nerve going to the 9-11 remembrance today. Can someone pull out a gun and shoot the criminal bush. Clinton is not better.

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