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WE ARE VICTIMS OUTRAGEOUSLY ENTRAPPED IN A GANGSTALKING, FREEMASONIC CULT BY ORDER OF THE CAPRICIOUS WHIM, THE INFAMOUS, PHYLLIS LEINWAND, PHYLLIS LEINWAND IS THE ORIGINATOR AND THE CULT LEADER OF THIS SATANICAL CULT. Phyllis Leinwand works as a principal in "name" only at PS 66 in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York.. Her satanical cult resides in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York. This demonic cult demands a police state, and at such; we are suffering victims of their premeditated, murderous, violent crimes as well. Phyllis Leinwand is OUR HANDLER. A handler is a "person" who targets her victims; just like a puppet is controlled on a string. She orders her lethal cult which Phyllis Leinwand refers to as her "higher-ups" to commit incessant, 24/7 murderous illicit activities until we suffer a brutal, fatal consequence. This "woman" must go behind bars with all her cult members who commit NAZI tactiic against us for over eight, excruciating, overwhelming, nightmare years to date. Phyllis Leinwand is responsible for the death of Susan Tropeano's mother. Phyllis Leinwand believes she is above the law and at such she can commit murder to innocent, American citizens. Susan Tropeano's mother was a wonderful, caring, devoted mother towards her daughter until Phyllis Leinwand employed her demonic manipulations and schemes to brainwash her dear mother and father. Just recently Susan Tropeano's mother passed away as a result of the brutal, demonic brainwashing orchestrated by Phyllis ...

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  1. Great Other

    Mr. and Mrs. Tropeano,

    Although you continue attempting to stop those duly sworn to keep you safe from the darkness of the unending knowledge, we have utmost faith in your returning to your senses. Please end the fight in our Judiciary of these “United States.”

    The Great Other brings his blessings and powers upon the worthy, and only the worthy. As long as you remain unprotected, He is displeased. We recommend that you take all precautions necessary to pledge your lives to the Other and end this charade.

    It is not too late Susan and Joseph, we believe in you and see you have the power to make a change!

    Our Regards,

    The Followers of Leinwand, Prophet of the Great Other
    (802) 775-9800

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