Paris Jackson Warns the World about the Illuminati


Paris Jackson Illuminati Victim ? Credit:


  1. permaveg

    Quite bizarre how the Milk Hill agriglyph should come up in this vid, soon as I saw her writing I recognized it from about 90-91 in Wiltshire, I took it to mean ‘I oppose all acts of deception’ how this girl knew this is remarkable.

  2. 1bluepearl

    There are artists in the Industry who never sold-out yet understand that the world is controlled/manipulated by clandestine powers-that-be. These artists who still have a soul often write/publish cryptic lyrics with metaphorical underlying messages. As far as MJ and those allegations, you have to see the whole picture – globally. No, MJ was not a part of ‘them’ but against ‘them.’ Celebrity headlines are methodically created/released to draw attention away from news ‘they’ don’t want you to see.

  3. blica1

    This what they did.. Whitney Houston went through the same thing, only her manipulative vice was drug addiction, with the help of her abusive Illuminati alum husband, Bobby Brown.. This is the criteria for fame and fortune..Your soul, well being, and as the artist, are contractually obligated to comply with whatever the higher ups order you to do and if you don’t, you’re either ruined, or dead, period !

  4. blica1

    Michael was bred from an early age to be a superstar, and was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. But unfortunately, artists don’t make it on talent alone..When M.J spoke out against them, his career was already ruined with pedophilia allegations, child molestation suits (which never panned out ), and so on..They ruined, defamed, discredited and had an insider, his Dr., take him out. Making sure that he took all the massive quantities of drugs given to him, to give him heart failure.

  5. blica1

    .People such as Quincy Jones is a key Illuminati figure in the industry..You don’t become that huge with talent alone.. He was a jazz trumpet player, and then became this huge producer, he helped artists such as M.J hundreds of millions of records world wide, but also dictated M.J in the studio..Even though M.J was part of this whole thing, he wasn’t a willing part of any of it..He just wanted to be a kid, and his vile, abusive, prick of a father didn’t allow that.. cont..

  6. blica1

    If you do your research, you will see that since the beginning of his career, he was abused by his father and those in the music industry..His brothers barely had any problems with their father like M.J did..They would be out playing , while young Michael had to go through his dance moves. cont.

  7. Ally Mac

    I don’t understand how the Illuminati can control the music industry but allow Michael Jackson to release a song that speaks out against them? I think Jackson fans just don’t want to admit that he was just as bad as the rest of them and probably abused kids because he was one of the elite and knew he would never go jail. If Paris has found out the truth about her Father and the rest of her family maybe she did try to kill herself I would it would get you away from them

  8. El Jeran

    sure hope Paris choses to stay away from “them” but I think the allure of fame has a strong hold on her. Her 1.3 million twitter followers is proof of that. Prove me wrong. 

  9. Dianne Chilgren

    Duh! I do know that Michael was black…In fact I did know him personally when he was still black. And it wasn’t plastic surgery that affected his coloring…It was vitiligo..which was passed onto him via his father’s side.

  10. Dianne Chilgren

    Take a look at the resemblance between Blanket and Michael. Prince, by the way, has the vitiligo condition as well as MJ. And Debbie Rowe was white…Joe J. has green eyes.  Sometimes genetics can fool one.

  11. piximuseful

    I pray that some day you are able to live up to this name you have chosen. Gilead meaning: ‘hill of testimony or mound of witness’ is a beautiful moniker and should not be taken lightly. I am sorry that you feel so attacked as to attack in kind, but to state that you know that I have not read the Bible shows your keen lack of judgment, & the rashness of your nature. I would encourage you to reread this book you oppose so greatly, but this time with an open mind & willing heart.

  12. piximuseful

    As to Numbers 31, again, if you were to read this in context you would understand just how corrupt these people were, & to allege that the God of the Bible is some sort of “monster” for ordering Israel to destroy the inhabitants of Canaan exhibits an ignorance of biblical teaching. This forum does not give me room for a thorough explanation but I would be happy to do so elsewhere if you have honest questions concerning Biblical accuracy, something I have studied in great depth for over 40 years.

  13. piximuseful

    As to bats as birds, your rendition of this verse shows your naiveté. In verse 13 God is commanding the Israelites for the sake of their own health not to eat of certain fowl of the air, including the owl, the vulture and the bat. Nowhere does He define a bat as a bird, simply as a winged creature they are not to eat.

  14. piximuseful

    I am glad you are so keen as to know how I study & that I do not use critical thinking. If you, as you stated so fervently, did in fact read the Bible in its entirety here you would know that Jesus never condoned slavery but knew that many would be forced into it & therefore admonished them to honor their masters with obedience, as he would have them honor Him. Have you never heard of an analogy? That is what He was doing here, using one example to explain another.

  15. GileadKid

    “Clearly one of the mindless masses who believes what the media feeds” This statement alone highlights your hypocrisy; my post demonstrates the exact opposite whereas you ‘clearly’ believe what you’re told – you believe the Bible WITHOUT CRITICAL THINKING. Unlike you, I HAVE read the Bible in its entirety, which is WHY I berate it and its believers. So, to provide you with verses:
    Jesus condoning slavery: Luke 12:47-48.
    Bats as birds: Leviticus 11:19
    And Numbers 31 – what a loving ‘god’!

  16. dangerfighter21

    Visually you can tell they are not his children. Remember, before all the plastic surgery Micheal was black.

  17. Zex Nynex

    @killaloopz. Theres more n more of them everyday. Mosr make it to top comments. “Paris jackson suicide attempt…. hey thats really great”… wtg shaik lmfao

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