[P2/2] WORLD-WIDE MIND CONTROL, 9/11, 911, a prolonged psyOp.

albatross234 asked:

The stress that people around the world have been subjected to is beyond understanding. But we have to realize the perps are playing for the WHOLE ENCHILADA., which to them, justifies every murder they commit. Every murder of the "little people.".


  1. mycrazynan

    This video and the previous, did not show up on my Subscriptions page. I found them when I came to your channel to watch some of your videos again, so maybe be other Subscribers didn’t get it either. Thank you for doing this series, it is very interesting.

  2. Trubisha

    I wouldn’t knock ‘Numerology’ aslo known as the ‘Kabbala’, These were ‘healing arts’ as innocent as ‘herbology’…socalled ‘Mysticism’. Albrecht Durer! Like DaVinci, documented what he could. Hitler was an avid ‘mystic’.  He had Harrer gp tp Tibet to measure faces to prove, in nis favbour, an Aryan race, It was just like ‘Eldorado’! Total exploitaion!

  3. sizzled28

    Very good points. Glad to see that you are a fellow awakened person. LOL! That was the only way I could think of to word it.

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