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NufffRespect asked:

THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE - If you have 5 minutes to spare then this is well worth watching. Discover the illuminati symbolism that is in front of our noses every day. The illuminati operate their evil agenda by using secret societies like Skull & Bones, The Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, The Trilateral Commission and The Bilderberg Group. The illuminati have big influence and control over the mainstream media, political parties, governments, religions, banking and big business. These people ...

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  1. eyesonly2019

    These symbols aren’t placed in front of us for fun, each of them carry with it specific spell which can alter our reality without you even knowing about it. If you would like to learn more about this technique just watch my vid that I just posted as a response called Occult Symbolism Exposed.

  2. NicoLatinox

    my friend had a reagge or rasta T-shirt
    then i looked closely andi saw the top of the pyramid with the eye then upside down stars+ the star of david
    the friggin symbols are everywhere :S

  3. riseof02joseph02

    how can you deny bohemian grove, your fucking stupid and insane to deny bohemian grove

    our so called christian world leaders dress up in kkk costumes and burn a coffin in front of a 40 foot owl statue and when they lit the coffin on fire the coffin screams and when anyone asks the presidents or bankers about this they get taisered and go to jail WHAT MORE FUCKING PROOF DOES YOUR DUMBASS NEED?

  4. riseof02joseph02

    and now all these families are so powerful that it is them who control the whole world and not the people or the presidents

    now they are planning to create a new world order, an order where they are in control and we are slaves and if you watch a few hollywood movies, youl understand what i mean

    watch v for vandetta and hot fuzz

  5. riseof02joseph02

    at what fucking pooint did i say anything about aliens or satanic google?

    this is what i believe in:
    about 300 years ago a guy called moses rothschild managed to learn about banking and loans so he tout his children how to do it and they went to everywhere around the world and became billionaires and passed their fortune to their children and they teamed up with few other powerful families

  6. dbootsthediva

    But Tesla gave them a push in that direction as well Tesla foresaw that every image we saw was like some form of an imprint on our corneas It is more than just bombarding our subconscious
    The patterns r being made into every single building supply we purchased, every single houseware designs we buy n clothes as well It is in the weave.
    These imagery is like a layered kalidascope These shapes r absorbing into every single surface of Earth including our skin
    It is also math equations

  7. Lateralus1019

    Yeah, I bet it is a combination of all the above…Their goal is to bombard our subconscious with these logos which eventually begins to affects our conscious mind thus making us easier to control….What shapes your subconsciousness shapes you!

  8. dbootsthediva

    Sigil imaging or just another form of glyphs? and possibly ambiscript?
    Just possibly it is another layer of subliminal. Just another form of a source code. Another form of a program source code that speaks our brains language of imagery and math.
    But I do know the conning chemicals have some form of a source code embedded in them. They seem to have the ability to unfurl like some long alpha numeric stencil cut out.

  9. dbootsthediva

    symbols and logos are just another form of a machine code
    They come at our subconscious in so many ways

  10. bones22j

    Hey Nufff what software did you use to blend all those symbols. Thats so cool. I must know what program you use to mash videos together…lol….man you had some skills. I can’t wait until you start up again…it’s gonna be awsome.

  11. MeatMachineStudios

    And furthermore, the term “New World Order” is bullocks; it’s the same old fuckin world order that they’ve been pushing for thousands of years. It’s a world order. Period. Nothing new about it. If anyone can prove how this particular world order is new, please do so.

  12. MeatMachineStudios

    I did… I watched more than one video as well. I was into that shit for a pretty long time. I know everyone’s corrupt and everything, I already said that. But “Satanist Aliens planned 9/11” is just ridiculous. Watching some creepy videos with some cult (Bohemian Grove) won’t convince me to believe that.

  13. riseof02joseph02

    meat machine, dont just watch one video and make up your mind, watch a couple of videos and you will see that there is something wrong

  14. MeatMachineStudios

    Open my mind, huh? You seriously didn’t take much of what I said into consideration, did you? YOU should open YOUR mind. I just said I know everything’s a lie, just I don’t believe in the satanic corporate Illuminati. And the alien freemasonry shit. You want me to believe that? You think thinking Google is satanist is a thought from an open mind? Well, good for you. Have fun with your life protesting about mass graves and government immunizations.

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