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Birdseed72 asked:

Alex Jones, followed by a Russian film crew, travels to England, Canada and tours his own home city of Austin Texas, and brings to light startling examples of how the Illuminati's hidden codes of communication are littered everywhere, so long as you know how to look. From the sacrificial world war tombs offered to the goddesses in London, to the owl sat atop the Frost Bank building in Austin, to the masonic underpinnings of the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial, Jones decodes the mystery religion of the elite and identifies the same strands of control that bind three different countries under the spell of the new world order. Alex explains the secret origins of the intelligence agencies and discusses his infiltration of Bohemian Grove and how the elite cult reacted to his highly publicized raid. Alex goes into further detail than ever before about his daring trip into the unknown, talks about the homosexual connections to the Republican elite, delves into the nature of the rituals conducted during the cremation of care ceremony, and discusses the threats he received in the aftermath of the infiltration. www.infowars.com http www.truthnews.us


  1. jackchorn

    alex please stick to politics, i realise the temptation to connect these ancient religions but it is very complicated and to tell you the truth you are spreading misinformation by trying to do so. there are civilizations from who the greek got their gods from and we got ours from them, and so on and so on.as for the elite worshiping the owl at bohemian grove it only makes me think they are privy to information you or i are not, thats what really scares me.

  2. TheSpliffSmoker

    @guitar19904 what?
    I dont even listen to AJ
    And no,I do my own research,
    dont be so presumptuous.
    sorry by the way,I thought you were one of his fanboys attacking me because you thought I might be “co-intel pro”

  3. guitar19904

    follow the leader? mate you nwo truther are playing that exact game. over and over again. for fuck sakes you worship alex jones and buy EVERYTHING he says as proof

  4. TheSpliffSmoker

    Maybe you should wake up out of your ignorance & stop playing follow the leader.
    here is proof that he lies:



    And I wouldnt judge a book by its cover by the way,isnt that what got us into this mess in the first place?
    wake up.

  5. Thelemaemon

    See I have been saying there are no secrets anymore, all of this stuff is out in the open, and also, I found a book in the library that tells you about the secret architechture of washington dc, the public library, come on people. Everything is so in your face now.

  6. Fussinated

    @skb0rzn In the seventeenth century, the breasts once again became the predominate center of female attractiveness over the belly. It was fruitful like the stomach, but more sensual. It stood as a symbol of power and wealth at a time when mercantilism was on the rise in Europe (Latteire 32)

  7. stazzou

    The day Alex Jones understands christianity is just one more sect that got a bit more successfull selling its shit than those that “went underground”, well… Jesusland will become much smarter…

  8. Sayresification

    @skb0rzn That is right bro,I too where paff when he said that dome symbolizes duds,no they symbolizes wombe,just reasrch ppl,don’t trust anyone -I am not telling he is laying or somethng like that,I am jsut saying all that you see or read or hear-REASRCH it BY YOUR SELF!!!!And wake up!!!!!

  9. AmericaEnslaved187

    @yankonthis Oh yes hes just like bush LOL you fucktard. you cant even spell republican. Alex spent the last 8 years exposing bush for being a traitor. wake up nub

  10. skb0rzn

    Uhm the dome symbolizes the womb…. Just FYI. The breast has never been used to symbolize the feminine aspect. Just wanted to clear that up. He is close but not quite right.

  11. Winter077

    @RobertsDigital He’s not being a pervert about it..lol..It’s a VERY important piece of information, and I don’t think he’s quite sure if the Russian lady understands what he’s saying.

  12. dao1118

    Strong concordance;3466; musterion , der of muo( to shut the mouth); a secret or mystery ( through the idea of silence imposed by initiatio into religious rites);-mystery.
    Spirit of Masonry P134. He in the west who we call the Christ is the head of the Great White Lodge .He is the greatest Master Mason of us all .
    Do your research before you insult because it doesn’t subcribe to the way you believe .
    Oxford dictionary; Iconaclasm, to break cherished beliefs.
    Welcome to your idol .

  13. RobertsDigital

    When this guy started talking about breasts and penises even the way he kept of repeating “the breast, the breast” i started to take him less seriously lol…

    But i havent finished watching the documentary yet….I hope he wouldn’t continue mentioning “the breast the erected penis” and all that…

  14. Reavoltion

    Christianity is not Masonic. Speaking in parables has nothing to do with Masons. =.= You are one ignorant person.

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