Norway swirl in the sky! UFO?

Dragoni03 asked:

I just was the big news about this and caught up on some information about it. Whats your comment, Debate may start ... Strange swirl in norway sky blue UFO fanomina wierd freaky aliens alien extratrestrial fdsf portal open


  1. hotmatch6

    As much as i hope it could be some sort of portal from outerspace or idunnowhat :D, i don’t think it’s anything like that at all >.>

  2. dudemannn1

    It was the russians testing out nukes again, it’s there nukes failing, it’s happened 3 times now.

  3. Monkey

    Ok i’ve read meanny theories about these strange happenings but havent really seem much in the way of common sense thought, mostlly conjecture.
    The Spirals so far ive read thay are portals,wormholes and tight band X-ray or radio waves being aimed into space (allthough any satalights in the way would have real problems if thay where to get in the way)but nothing that really takes into account that thay are being seem in populated areas ! . . .So this Kinda discounts government involvment somewhat, Allso large gorparation’s i doudbt very much its the work of pranksters allso.
    In short hears a few thing’s for you to ponder on chew over as for an answer i cannot supply !
    I can only add more avenues for discution.

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