Nibiru visible from Antarctic 2012

wargolm1 asked:

Today at the 16th of January 2012, a "new star" was visible on Antactica. Is it the predicted Supernova? Or might it be the Sumeerian described Nibiru?


  1. Ebrael Shaddai

    The fundamentalists claim for End Times, the Jews announce their Messiah is upcoming, the Mayan Prophecies line up to End of Fifth Sun and Galactic Alignment. There are a plenty of facts gathering and ponting toward the same: End of this Planetary Cycle. The Harvester is ready to work. Let us be prepared!

  2. DJDUNKY69

    You all know that the woman who came up with the 2012 doomsday theory first stated that it was going to happen back in 2003 right?

  3. DJDUNKY69

    what an asshole god is to cause million of deaths each year, and he let hitler, stalin, chairman mao etc. get away with murdering millions of people

  4. tyannatecorral

    Well you must be really stupid to think the government will tell any civilian classified information, most of the cover ups the government and NASA do is to avoid panic and to only allow them to save only the important people in case of a catastrophe, “aka” themselves, don’t think for a second they care about anyone else.

  5. solitaryman098

    If some planet, aka this Nibiru bullshit, was going to come anywhere near our solar system, astronomers and astrophysicists would have known about it for 200 years so far. I’m pretty sure that now, with our modern technology, and NASA saying “Nibiru and Planet X do NOT exist” and no evidence of them being anywhere in our galaxy, it’s a safe bet to say that this shit is all made up.

  6. gmailsteve1

    agreed! …… shows up under the cloud cover (1:34) with the same intensity; just the refraction of the component lens elements.

  7. GrandStokie

    Surely if Nibiru was on course to pass through our solar system, then we’d be able to see it with the naked eye by now. I found the story interesting to start with but the evidence is stacking up that Planet X is just not there!

  8. bigkev2084

    if its Beetelgeus going Supernova then theres nothing we can do about it, its a star that is far enough away from us to not cause harm on the Earth, God is in control of our fate put no trust in men as the bible states: “All men are liars but God is true”

  9. mooncosmicgoddess

    Actually, Nibiru or Planet X doesn’t even exist (this has been stated by many astronomers). And going back to Mayans, they couldn’t have predicted December 21 exactly because Leap Year didn’t exist until Caesar created it.

  10. cherub3606

    my prediction: 2012 will come and go and everything people bought because of the end of the world scare will convieniently be non-returnable…just like y2k. Next people will be saying that leap year wasn’t taken into account so another date will be named.

  11. 1day2feel3dom4ever

    Lens flare going exactly oposite direction of the sun, to my point of view. But if Nibiru is coming from south it could look like that one day…

  12. demonslayer drangonpendant

    nobody no,s when the earth will end so stop say it 2012 just thank god we have earth so stop saying that nobody exactly know so stop the ******* things about end of world it might be in 20000000000000 years so just stop the stupid nonsence like if agree

  13. kusuta888

    You just suck man ! my first answer will be : in the video, the three sun we see is only our sun , and the others reflect from ou sun. And if i trust you , last time nibiru came was something like – 1250 -1300 before J.c so -1250+3600= 2250 , so in the eventually the planet is real , it will not come in 2012 but 2250-2300 so stop this and go back to work !

  14. cherub3606

    did anyone notice this so called planet for a brief second was in front of the thick clouds? check it out at 1:34 time mark on video

  15. MrEthok

    well the history channel came out saying the planet is called now Sedna, and it’s true is heading our way, so there might be another world flood! from the gravity of Sedna ( nibiru ) pulling the seas up, so basicly they called it sedna so that people don’t freak out, but is acctually nibiru! just reseach is the same tragectory, the same planet! but of course is Sedna now so that the people don’t go, ohhh the fucking Annunaki are coming, we are fucked lol

  16. bearwoodcarpentry

    i dont know …did jo see the other star? why dont you ask him / her. please make less videos.

  17. spythers

    I can see it from Portugal, everytime i take my 16.1 Cybershot and point it directly or parcially to the Sun… Or other light source. -_-

  18. SuperUFB

    Whether someone “wants” to believe in something is no reason at all to believe, or disbelieve. Our desires are irrelevant to matters of fact.

  19. SuperUFB

    I’m really looking forward to 22-23rd December…I’m going to open a bottle of cider and have a good hard and long laugh at these chicken little fearmongering idiots…

  20. SuperUFB

    “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know you live in Antarctica and know whether or not people can see it.”

    1. You’re not actually sorry so spare us the pathetic rhetoric.
    2. If something astronomical is visible from the south pole then it is also visible ALL over the Southern Hemisphere.
    3. New Zealand is the second most southerly country in the world…
    If “Nibiru” were visible from the South Pole then it is also visible from NZ

    You are an idiot.

  21. FarazRajput1992

    Agreed… and also don’t take these channels or these videos down… we can show them to our future generations to show them what idiots lived before them….

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