Nibiru 1/3

vlad9vt asked:

Nibiru, НИБИРУ. 21 December, 2012 - 2014 year, part 1/3 Nibiru visible in Australia in telescope SECOND PART IN 1940 year of last century, American archaeologist Frank Hibben) led a scientific expedition to Alaska, to look for fossils of man. He did not find them, but found in the permafrost of vast spaces, filled with the corpses of mammoths, mastodons, bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions. Many of the dead animals were literally blown to pieces. And these fields with the remains of the permafrost animals were distributed to hundreds of miles around ... There were trees, animals, layers of peat and moss, mixed together, as if some giant cosmic blender sucked all of them 13000-14 000 years ago, and then instantly freeze, turning into a solid mass. To the north of Siberia entire islands are formed from the bones of animals, made from the continent into the Arctic Ocean. By some estimates, 10 million animals may be buried along the rivers of northern Siberia. This suggests that a huge tsunami raced on this land, mixing plants and animals, which are then quickly frozen. But the extinction of animals was not limited to the Arctic. Huge piles of mixed bones of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers are found in Florida. Mastodons and other animals have been found quickly frozen in mountain glaciers of Venezuela. This was a global event. Mammoths and bison of Siberia have disappeared along with the giant rhinoceros of Europe ...


  1. XavierAtriedes

    I am not talking about destroying the planet but the asteroids in its tail.

  2. benjamin5028

    The is no weapon invented that could destroy this planet. It will come from behind the Sun, leaving little time to prepare cause the Suns hides it from view.

  3. thunderox27

    i f ths planet is moving that fast its moons wouldnt even stay in orbit with it and the slightest asteroid or comet could easily knock it off course

  4. XavierAtriedes

    I suppose it depends where the missiles hit the asteroids. Anyway with asteroids and stuff are gonna hit earth, the last thing we want is them being detonated on impact by something; if that is even a possibility.

  5. treasuredroperX

    Slight problem… Nuclear bombs are not as big in empty space, because there is no barometric pressures. Also, by blowing up asteroids at will, wont that send a huge shower of meteorites? Ouch.

  6. XavierAtriedes

    Well air resistance has a force behind it which increases up to 90 pounds at 60mph or something, so if you use that pressure to compress multiple pumps; you should be able to compress more air than you use to run the engine.

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