New World Order / World War 3, 2012 ? Part 1 Depopulation

unitedcivil asked:

New World Order is here, people better start paying attention cause alot will change soon, you think you are so safe in America but you dont know how close you are of loosing everything even your freedom.


  1. andreacaccese

    people stop fooling yourselves. They don’t need a NWO to screw all of us, they have already been doing it for a while.

  2. TheJelly198

    ???these people are heart less….and soal less when they die they are working with aillumanati..

  3. mragentforjesus

    @spinosmen they will take control, for a short time, then Jesus will arrive to deliver his people and take them to heaven

  4. MrLordDemus

    Maybe they’ll try to scare us with another attack on us. It might be a fake UFO invasion.

  5. ZeldaAndMore

    i hope not i know the world needs to survive but these are people and animals who have feeling and you cant just kill them.

  6. princetruthchaser


  7. Supergal1988

    The Illuminati was the cause of 9/11 . It was too blame Muslims because they had belived in God. NOW THATS SOME CRAZY SHIT.

  8. 450crip

    fuck it we need ww3 we may not have a lot of troops but god is on our side we do not need a one world gov

  9. jjohnsice

    the world CAN NOT withstand the current population much less the growth rate expected from all these people! so why would you not believe this, it is the onlly option to allow the planet to survive!

  10. DWBglass1

    Plato and St Augustine started this whole fucking ” other world” nonsense and the idiot that believes it and the spiritually dependent minds are the only reason faith and emotion based thinking haven’t been thrown in the garbage where if belongs. The NWO is safer then a culture of purposely blind gladyns
    Have a nice day

  11. DWBglass1

    Catholics, Christians, Lutherans… you ignorant fucking dribs.
    Can you even see the contradictions of your faith and philosophies or feel it when they stunt your mind and slap you in the face. Do you realize that if someone asks for your premise that all you can say is ” I dont know, I just feel it”???!!! Do uou realize that if your “God ” created existence, then that implies a infinite regress( something had to create him, and someone before him, etc…….)???!!! Plato, and augustine

  12. Sailorbennett

    @unitedcivil Prove all of this. Because it’s just a bunch of facts. oh and unicorns are real

  13. ur7maa

    beware of using peter joseph zeitgeist stuff in your vids. you should know that the zeitgeist movement IS the NWO, dressed up as ‘utopia’, when in fact it is dystopia. wolf in sheep’s clothing etc. Just a friendly hint, from a distant cousin who cares…

  14. arzadi11

    “the law of jungle”=the domination of strong on weak…… well anyone who owns law is the strongest.and the strongest doesnt care much about the weak in the old world order and in the new world order. it has always been the law of jungle and will always be. nothing will ever change, except the domination will be a global domination. that’s all. a global jungle.

  15. Augz1776

    @jay199188 Learn to spell before you write shit like this you ignorant shithead. You people are lazy as shit and spell worse than 3rd graders

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