rocksiphone asked:

They get the Money almost free from the Federal Reserve and loan it to foreign countries because they are LOANING THE MONEY TO THEIR FRIENDS to accomplish their plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER so they can CONTROL THE WORLD and we are paying for it. Federal Reserve money is our Money, our Tax Money, our Savings. They are going to Drain Us Dry by Inflation to accomplish World Domination for the few Elite


  1. rocksiphone

    If you look at how they are handling the Economy Situation, there is no other choice but to believe they want this country to crash. I think they are distributing our wealth around the World because the Elite are invested around the world, so they can make more Moo La.

  2. Arioch44

    Why pretend that President isn’t fully complicate in the monetary raping and impoverishment of the people?

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