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richieisland asked: It's time to wake up from your hypnosis and realize what the hell is going on Earth. Come and join us today, support the movement before it's too late. http


  1. ReesyRuby

    LOL not saying there is nothing supernatural going on but on December 22, 2012 im going to run outside my dorm room shouting I’M ALIVE!!!! haha cuz something may happen this year but it is no end of the world.

  2. mannyrocksful

    2012 is not going to happen, unless you think of it that way. the worst thing can happen is people going nuts and noticing a lot of catastrophes that are happening and loose it. haha. don’t believe in 2012, if you want to be paranoid from now–Dec 21,2012, it will be a waste of time if 2012 doesn’t occur

  3. mussy9


    Why on earth are you defending the very things that don’t have your or my best interests at heart?
    2012 just happens to be a time of many different philosophies and cultural shifts. There are those out there that would try to take advantage of these “fears”, but that does not make them any less real.

  4. cdnbrowngirl

    so we’re suppose to stop drinking water??? how’s that gonna work?…is it working for you btw?

  5. willowherb76

    Pure and simple scaremongering. You should be ashamed of yourselves, not only can you not use grammar correctly but you imply that GM foods cause obesity, not the obscene amount of inappropriate fats that we now ingest, you imply that vapour trails are, in fact, a secret weapon of some sort being sprayed over us … have you never breathed out in the winter? It’s condensation!!! Yes Aspartame is nasty but it’s not the end of the world. Just stop eating it. Gah!!!

  6. threedix35

    does anyone think that we have over done this whole 2012 issue. so far were going to get splatted by a comet, eaten by the sun , turned upside down, drowned,heated up then iced over, taken over by aliens(otherworldly or domestic)made yellow,or pink, given new powers,just to have them taken away by “the man” sat on ,shit out. blah blah blah etc etc…. will someone please just get a bloody grip!! the sky isnt falling…. realy! it isnt. just the same old day to day humdrum bollocks.. thats it…

  7. mastior

    ROTHSCHILD Illuminati is Trilateral Commission NWONewWorldOrder Bilderberg ALL FEDERALIST Socialist AntiAmerican Commies THEE FEDS
    Look up THESE Conglomerate CEO’s special interests USA Tax Dollar Blood Suckers Andrew Jackson Called them VILE VERMON George Washington should of sank their Ships as they retreated Rothschild commissions Genocide War Machines IMPOSING his USURY upon the Unwanted OWNS the FED RES wall street IRS SS anything FED is Rothschild ALL Banks rags & mags are NWO or TC

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