New £20 Note EXPOSED: Covered in Occult & Satanic Symbols

kensei85 asked:

You've GOT to see what's printed on our money!! Satanic Illuminati/Rothschild symbols on our cash are exposed in plain sight. They put it RIGHT in front of us, basically calling us a bunch of IDIOTS. Rate and comment please!! Read up on Alex Jones & David Icke (but take a pinch of salt with what they say), Jordan Maxwell, David Shayler, and the late Aaron Russo and Bill Cooper, and watch Zeitgeist, Endgame, The Money Masters, and Ring of Power: Illuminati Bloodlines.


  1. kensei85

    @dschulten88 If I am not mistaken, we fundamentally agree – there are occult symbols all over everything and it is orchestrated by the “elite” in order to control the masses.
    I’m sorry you misinterpreted my analysis as having a pro-Christian bias, I struggled to keep it under 1:30 and had to limit text/pics. I could have spent hours going into meanings, as typically there are at least 2 levels of meaning to these symbols: outer meaning (profane knowledge) and inner meaning (initiated knowledge).

  2. dschulten88

    Well considering it’s a fear based society, wouldn’t one expect symbols that have a massive impact on a frightened populous? The only reason these symbols are on their money (much like masonic imagery found on our currency) is so that the sheeple will follow. We’ve been kept in bondage because of these symbols for hundreds of years.

  3. kensei85


    You’re digging your own grave here- why did the Bank of England design it so occult “Egyptian and Pagan” symbols feature in the front centre of the new £20 note?

  4. dschulten88

    @kensei85 Apparently you fucking don’t because all of the soo called “Satanic Symbolism” you speak of are infact ancient Egyptian and Pegan symbols.

  5. kensei85

    All I am doing is pointing out the occult symbols within the design- there is no need for you to act like a foul-mouthed child. I am not religious, and if I was I would be a Buddhist. I do not believe in Satan, etc, but the people who designed the note obviously do as they are using all the common Satanic symbols. I am not “scared”, I’m not “blaming Satan”, and I’m not pushing “religious bullshit” – I just know what I’m talking about, which is more than can be said for you.

  6. dschulten88

    LoL flashing a baphomet a couple times doesn’t make any of this satanic… Fuck you, you scared pathetic religious individuals… Quit trying to blame Satan for your fucking problems and learn to live with what you’ve done to the world through your FUCKIN RELIGIOUS BULLSHIT!! Fuckin assholes. Thanks for NOTHING.

  7. cayc1

    Great video man, if you want to see a movie that will blow your mind type into youtube old world secrets the omega project codes

  8. mrmres

    “Check it out next for yourself next time you get a hold of one”
    If I had a hold of one right now, I wouldn’t be here watching this…

  9. shoes1922

    Damn, that would be beautiful, woudnt it? If the american people who understand and longed for equality, got up and all said “fuck yall system”!

    If a person is scared of physical things, they cannot be an activist, nor spearhead something so potentially powder-keggy!!!


    U have to have a warm, yet, firm heart to understand why evil exists, and have the stomach to stand up to it!

  10. rolldatweed

    Im sure your not in the illuminati, because if you was your just a dumb idiot…
    Your just a supporter, so basically your a sheep just like 80% of the world…what makes you any better? you scum

  11. selinareis

    yeh lest fuck them up. lest all for one wek not go to work not pay tax not drive cars and not pat for petrol..we have the power we have the freedom we just dont use it…what control do they have if we refuse to go along with there plans..only for a week untill they admit it tho we can demand more hourly rates lol

  12. selinareis

    fuck it lets all not pay tax not go too work all for a week and show that we have the power and let the world cruble untill they say we have the power to out face, then go back to normal and get a nice printed benifit each month to splash out, what do you say lol

  13. God4Dunoon

    Actually the central logo is VERY close to the knights of Columbus logo… without the cross of malta. The old black and white logo not the new colorful one. check out
    Knights of Columbus, OTO and other symbolism on prison planet

  14. ToonLink01

    lolzorz u are such a n00b.
    u and your shitty excuse for an organization will be pwned by teh public.
    enjoy your hour of power.

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