Nazi DISINFO: Protocols of Zion are a Hoax

nomorenarcissism asked:

Fools blame an ethnic minority for the world's evil while ignoring the actual evil secret elites who ARE ruining the world. This is how DISINFORMATION cons are done on the sheeple who don't examine the factual details. While the patsy-scapegoats are blamed, the REAL criminals get away. Don't be conned by "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"! The Illuminati crime families are SATANIC religion evil conspiracy groups, not "Jewish" ones. The Bible and its 10 Commandments are not a part of their theosophic man-will-become-gods world-view. Moreover, don't condemn an ETHNIC GROUP for the sins of specific criminal individuals; crime is a behavior choice--not having anything to do with your ethnicity. The United States of America should not be the 4th Reich of the Nazis and Americans should not think like Nazis, either.


  1. Flugabwehrkanone

    @nomorenarcissism Now hold on just a second. I’ve enjoyed all of your videos on military matters, but I have to take issue with your slam against life extension. What’s wrong with using, as you put it, mechanical advantage to live as long as you want?

  2. nomorenarcissism

    @damanorelse Eventually, the metaphysical reality of our origin and what happens when we die has to be faced. The intermediate actions of humans while alive can be observed and accurately assessed. The “Satanic” origin of the conspirators who concocted the Protocols is accurate according to their internal statements and documents; ie; they say they have “occult” ie; hidden knowledge from Satan that gives them the edge towards solving physical death through technology = theosophism.

  3. damanorelse

    this was a very informative video on the protocols, however I don’t agree on your conclusion about how how it’s a satanist conspiracy.
    The benefits of being malicious are always tempting. perhaps it’s an easy way to explain the way these people act by calling it a conspiracy, however I think it’s simply individuals who are acting out of perceived personnel benefit, all working independently, and just happen to have common interests.
    I’m of course open to your arguments otherwise.

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