Mysterious Spiral Light Appears Over Norway!

Video Is By Russia Today A massive UFO event has taken place in the Scandinavian nation of Norway. Tens of thousands of Norwegians over a vast area of the country's north, from Trondelang all the way to Finnmark witnessed a massive spiralling image (Photo and video below) explode in the sky above them. The event took place on Wednesday morning. Norways meteorological institute is experiencing what it describes as a telephone storm as thousands of witnesses call in and send their footage for ...


  1. doherty366

    simple ,read david rockafella,s own book, one of the main players in the new world order. who do you think planned the banking crisis and when it was too happen ,?.

  2. billysandals

    the chances a missile could make a perfect spiral like that is nearly impossible. the pattern was intensional. weather it was made by a firework or hologram or something else, it isn’t certain. if it was the russian government or someone else behind it it doesn’t matter, we are being lied to. we have to consider all possibilities and rule nothing out. but i guess your a “conspiracy theorist” if you do that.

  3. chapstickfantasy

    why conspiracy theorists fail to comprehend the burden of proof lies with them?

    you see this phenomena and assume, without any evidence at all, that it’s a hologram created by the nwo or aliens.

    and when evidence contradicting your delusion surfaces? It’s the governments and elites trying to cover up and plot and plan and brainwash everyone.

    A sane person can’t win.

  4. billysandals

    the governments of the world don’t give a damn about their own people(very few may), they have they’re own agendas. the people in power don’t want to share their power and will do anything they can to make sure they keep it. and i’m not talking about the t.v. personalities, i’m talking about the people who actually run the world.

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