MTV using satanic symbolism [all seeing eye]

sweenigami asked:

mtv using a high grade illuminati symbol with their broadcasting, the infamous all seeing eye [look it up]. footage set to the theme from the omen or something. ... mtv brittany spears illuminati symbol symbolism satan nwo new world order


  1. Agui007

    Where ever there’s major money to be made the Illuminati are in it over their heads. They are for real.

  2. knyght42002

    you can’t really blame the entertainers as being a part of it, half of them aren’t aware of what’s going on behind the scenes, and when they find out that’s when they either participate or get their career ended

  3. winifredbonita

    well yh the craziest thing is i was watchin jonathan ross today and ther is a satanic symbol right behind him, i could just be gettin too into it tho lol i semm to notice things more tho

  4. winifredbonita

    i agree i only found out a couple of days ago coz ma bf is into hip hop and was talkin bout jay z bein a freemason an stuff so done research an wish i didnt

  5. cmurray279

    honestly…..i see nothing satanic about this……except probably his arms and it’s still not that satanic

  6. WishingBones

    the all seeing eye represent the sun
    Lucifer is venus the son of the morning the second star that orbits the sun

    Lucifer originates from roman astronomy
    and its literally the name they called venus

    also the all seeing eye represent knowledge

    i dont think that they just worship the stars
    there knowledge is deeper then that
    they have great information that they dont
    want us to know for a reason
    if we knew they wouldn’t be in power

  7. spelldaleader

    no matter what people say, the all seeing eye is without a shadow of a doubt is a satanic symbol becaus it does represent sun worship which is masonic, need i say more

  8. spelldaleader

    um its probably best to know this stuff. because its those who are uninformed that falls into hell. read the bible and go to a REAL church and be carful who you listen to. god wants you to know the truth,it s a terrible thing not to know the truth.

  9. spelldaleader

    um befor you make assinine staments you might want to consider doing your research. the all seeing eye is a masonic symbol that represents rah aka horus aka lucifer aka satan, so yes it is a satanic symbols it does not matter what twist you wont to put on it. i dont know why people think you can defeat the creator but you cant and wont.

  10. simoneflyokay09

    GOSH i wish things could just be back to the way things were before i knew about all of this. Life is so much more happier when you are blissfully unaware of what is really going on..hmm

  11. hermbilliamherm18

    word just checked that on wiki (not the best source i know, i know but i also get it)!!!!! thanks for the comment, very interesting

  12. GompCelticPL

    They put satanic symbols right in front of are eyes and most of the public is still not aware of what’s going on (…)

  13. Inszz

    guess who put that there? do your research smartass. Your dollar bill has illuminati written all over it. what about the prediction of 9/11, the prediction of this economic crisis, and many more predictions that are all linked to the NWO / Illuminati subject? all of them very true and related. It doesn’t matter what you believe is real, it matters what they believe to be real, and they believe in it firmly.

  14. corpsegrinder660

    thats acualy a holy sighn for the eygipians, the all seeing eye, also on the american bill

  15. Howard Beale

    @gibbet 88

    I hate to dissapoint you but the time of YOUR god will soon end. That is, if you belive in this shit which I don’t. Nevertheless, Illumnati are real and indeed, they believe it and somehow it seems to work very well.
    As for the eye, if it wasn’t satanic already, after Crowley it most certainly became satanic.

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