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This is Part3 of the explosive film by AMEN-RA film productions , looking into The illuminati & the death of michael jackson , produced by Anton Lawrence guest starring Dr phil valentine , AA rashid & bro curtis davis from the occult science show


  1. 3xefx8x

    Why are people so gullable what about the guy telling the story who is he and where did he get his info? TMZ, websites, magazine clippings. lets see some real hidden video footage with audio anybody can throw pictures up and talk. Lol

  2. sensai67

    you got it!!! all peace and blessings be with you. keep spreading the truth as internet 2 is coming on line 100% very soon and these kinds of forums will not be available to us any more. love will live on. choices have to be made but ultimately many will see.
    peace and love the sensai.

  3. MsAzure77

    And of course he was used in rituals.He is the most famous and powerful Monarch mind control slave of them all!It’s a very important part of the mind control.They were controlling and demonizing him in every way since early childhood.Leeching off his powerful life force and energy.Like I said,they wanted him to represent their god “Lucifer” who many mistake for the Kemetic savior Heru.So they were using a lot of demonic possession on him to control and demonize him
    Thriller was a ritual too

  4. MsAzure77

    Just watch Eyes Wide Shut and see how these sick,inhuman,dominating psychos treat their mind controlled sex slaves.Only as OBJECTS for their enjoyment and to be killed off when they’re not useful anymore or are causing too much trouble for their masters.That’s how they were basically treating Michael too.He may have been MUCH more valuable to them than a ordinary beta slave but he was a slave to them still and they were easily ready to sacrifice him.With a “drug overdose” Exactly like in EWS!

  5. MsAzure77

    It’s always ALL about money and control for these”people”!It wasn’t enough for them to have ritually abused and mind controlled Michael all his life,they also had to steal everything he’s ever created himself.EVERYTHING!The things Michael knew,the secrets he could have revealed if they hadn’t kept him under such tight surveillance and drugged/mind controlled would have SHOCKED the whole world  and put a stop to their plans.They had to kill and sacrifice Him.He’s the Moonwalker

  6. MsAzure77

    Michael was ritually sacrificed for their agenda…money,control,confusion,desperation.
    He was different right from birth and they KNEW it!That’s why they needed to try to corrupt him.Abused and used in every kind of way.He’s so much bigger than anyone else,so much more powerful.The energy he radiated was the strongest ever.They thought he might represent their idea of Lucifer,but His true nature was something completely different so he rebelled and fought against them until the end.He IS Heru!

  7. deefamily1

    16) For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17) For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:16,17

  8. RIPkingofpop6252009

    im white and the illuminati can kiss my but. may god, and jesus bless us all. revelations, is open. i love black, white, yellow,brown, all kinds of people, its all for LOVE, YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW THAT, REALY I LOVE YOU, SPRED IT. THEY NEED TO BE STOP’ED WE WILL HAVE OUR FINAL BATTAL WITH EVIL, IN THE END

  9. aphla9onN

    POEPLE SHOULD SEE “Michael Jackson Autograph Signing Part 4″here on you tube Around 7:00 Wow he said “September 10th, the last Happy Day in New York.” when it was like 2001 signing the invincible album???? :@

  10. Falkowski82

    Great Video
    also sony as well was part of his death as well, after calling them racist that one time.

  11. MariaSue1

    Read this. The spiritual techniques to control Monarch slaves  :

    w w w . whale. to / b / sp / f10 . html

  12. thedirecktor

    It’s sad to know that while this post has it’s best intentions at heart, the person who made this is still ignorant. I doubt very much they did any research to back up their claims. I assume this is the very information they found on another YouTube video. What a shame.

  13. thedirecktor

    I know right. It’s because they’re taking things out of context and becoming exactly what they’re ranting about: misinforming people.

  14. andante24

    How do people know this for a fact; I mean if these people are so secretive how do you know about it?

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