1. MrGregkdeal

    (cont.) … oligarchy. Everyone — spare a tiny select of elite — is a pawn. We spend so much time focused on the pawns (everyday people, musicians, politicians on both sides) while the real game is being played at a much higher level. The oligarchy loves watching us haggle over details. It allows them the freedom to plan the bigger operations.

  2. MrGregkdeal

    The Illuminati is real, but, like all of its other clandestine activities, it floods the masses with so much disinformation that getting to the core of it becomes an arduous task. It’s much easier when we don’t get bogged down in the details and see the bigger picture: global control. The NWO’s plans aren’t hidden; they are published in millions of documents in very concrete language that leaves no room for speculation. One simply must research it for himself. Illuminati = NWO = fascism = oliga

  3. metropolitanpsy

    Jesus didnt die he is alive, and he was only a prophet sent to the lost children of Israel, not mankind like Mohammed (saw)

  4. tigermoon44

    What you need to do is keep your religious beliefs off commentaries like this one because no one wants to read your bull$#it!

  5. metropolitanpsy

    The god of the bible is a false god, he killed 2 million people, plus 65 cities, and the whole town of Noah was drowned, the one true god is Allah who tells us to be peaceful.

  6. ameliayonas

    Jesus the god will come. You dont notice anything? Satan is wining but not forever..Am warning everyone to wake up and see whats going on..just do that. World is changing. Belive in God he will come soon.

  7. MJshowsPEACEandLOVE

    What I said was true! Just think about it!!.. ‘They’ tried to kill Michael after the trial was over.. that’s when Michael decided to leave the country! I heard the call Michael did to a friend saying he wanted to leave the country because he was scared of his life and his children’s. Plus after the trial, ‘they’ were trying to poison him in his own house.. Michael didn’t eat or drink nothing until a friend took him out of town to a hospital.. he was dehydrating! Everything is now so clear!!

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