Michael Jackson Didn’t Die.HE WAS MURDERED!!

IASTAR asked:

MURDERS BY THE ILLUMINATI.. lets get one thing clear here.. this is in response to a video DEENA posted.. wit the same title.. i took off the RE: part of the title for my own reasons... now if you know me, which you youtubers do not.. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON. i have been a fan since a small child... and when i say small i mean before 5... ask any person in my family about michael jackson and the first thing they gon say is... michelle used to be in loooooveeeee with michael jackson.. i am sad and upset that he is gone... people he just set up a tour and has sold out dates in london!!! if he was sick would he have done this? this is sudden and tragic and people should be asking questions is all i am saying... please watch all my videos to get insight on other things..... thank you.. and thanks to the haters and youtube for tamperin with my videos... shows i am on the right path with this truth movement!!! WAKE UP AND SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH... PLEASE VERIFY ANYTHING YOU SEE HEAR OR READ FROM ME OR ANYONE ELSE... KNOWLEDGE IS KEY!


  1. zombiequillen

    I’ve never heard of any satanic ritual that puts you in a state to mess with kids if you knew anything about religion you would know this

  2. levoll11

    Michael Jackson Didn’t Die…………HE WAS MURDERED, HUH he did die, if you get murderd you die right or am i dumb -_-

  3. Catbetrayed

    Aaliyah died on the 25, Mj on the 25, james brown on the 25, tupac died at 25. any more questions?

  4. MajorRyan30

    Your sweet baby but your talking a lil bit wack talk with more pit. And im not famillair with Spectonimous Womans can talk to and very good.

  5. CarulornTarcona

    No, Michael did not die. I actually know mr. Jackson very well and I met him after he faked his death, we are so close now.

  6. librascorpiostar

    Girl….these people criticizng you have been brain washed by all the rap and hip hop called monarch programming. they also killed Bob Marley and they have been running this world for hundreds of years, they killed Jesus too. Check out the Vigilant Citizen. The Illuminati has other names too, and they are behind something huge and esoteric. they are behind all the unhealthy food…why so people are obese, unhealthy, yes you are right about enslaving us, they are behind education too,

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