Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show (Part 1)

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www.prisonplanet.com www.infowars.com Lou Dobbs: US Heading For Stagflation Crisis CNN host slams Fed's depreciation of dollar www.prisonplanet.com CNN host Lou Dobbs says the US economy is heading for a stagflation crisis as a result of the US government's policy of dollar depreciation and that the only solution is for the American people to restore a proper Constitutional system of government. Dobbs told The Alex Jones Show today that the decline of the dollar was, "a clear signal as to how much trouble this economy is in," added to a 9 trillion dollar national debt and a 6 trillion dollar trade debt.


  1. p41warhawk

    Very scary – all our technology being produced overseas – meaning that this generation will not be able to exercise the knowledge coming out of college – leaving us depended upon 3rd world countries – we are being eaten from the inside out – but at the same time we should be careful because they are watching every word we say – but now there are so many speaking up what can they do – what if they’re planning to start war with Iran so that we here in America will be bombed?

  2. ghahandi

    They powers that be try to marginalize both Jones and Dobbs. Bush & Cheney were the worst of the worst. However members of both major parties are guilty of treason and high crimes. They carry out policy behind closed doors in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. GHW Bush, Skull & Bones member had his tenacles in the CIA since day one. Time to take OUR Replblic back from these shitheels~

  3. macdogq

    Two of the best coming together, Lou Dobbs, and Alex Jones. Hope they can actually work together to take our country back.

  4. funkytripper

    Get the governments to tear up the contract that allows the central bank (bank of England/fed reserve) to print & loan the money!!
    Meet up in large numbers in the public eye to get press coverage and go from there!
    meet on social websites first to organise public protests.

  5. ExposeZionistCrimes

    Dobbs has now tuned 180 degrees and is pandering to the various hispanic groups and talking about amnesty. Just another politician.

  6. verstwo2

    There have been many ‘new world orders’ through out history. Just look at the pre WW2 world order and post WW2…it’s new. this is what is commonly meant by new world order. When the USSR fell what did the wold have? a new order. any change in the way the world is ordered..is a new world order. But your right, NWO is not inherently good or bad…it depend on what we do with it. Any one who wants to change the world in any way is has a NWO agenda.

  7. verstwo2

    please don’t feel sorry for me…that’s so very condescending.

    I can agree there are many similarities between parties. But even in countries where there are more then 2 parties. there are usually only 2 dominant parties. The similarities are that the US political system is far to the right. You’ll notice that the majority of the alternative parties are deemed ‘leftist’ (ie the green party). But that doesn’t mean that there are NO differences between the GOP and the Dems.

  8. itzahazylife

    and i feel very sorry for u if u think the 2 party systems are at all opposite..they are 2 sides of the same coin..they both have their own style of being detrimental to the lower and middle classes..there is a party monopoly taking place that’s being sold as 2 seperate parties..for crying out loud, look how many parties were intended to be in this nation..now there are only 2..3rd parties aren’t even allowed to debate for the public..if u think any dem. or rep will benefit us u are delusional.

  9. itzahazylife

    the NWO is being formed as we speak..to deny that is to be extremely foolish..the only question is if it’ll be used for universal justice as the proponents for a NWO claim, or if it will be used for domination..that’s the question, not if a NWO agenda exists or not..

  10. verstwo2

    Well, I’ve never had a problem with healthcare in Canada and neither has anyone I know. My kids are guaranteed healthcare for life, as am I….woe is us. %87 of Canadian agree, public healthcare is the way to go. If Alex Jones is your news source…I’m sorry to hear that.

  11. jaridw01

    you are woefully ignorant. I pity those who are dependant on, or look up to you. Our health care in canada is a joke, who are you kidding?!! Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction is main stream media.

  12. verstwo2

    “Actions speak louder than words dipshit.”
    – does that make words meaningless? Why bother saying anything then?

    “Do you really think they ever let 1 guy pull the fucking levers in the world? No. ”
    -oh oh, They? Not they. Do you men Them? Obama is beholden to no one, unless he chooses to be. Of course the president doesn’t run the country by himself, do you even know how the government works? Checks and balances?

    and 60 000/year is middle class. are you in highschool?

  13. verstwo2

    yeah some of the things you mention were loosely based on a fact at some point…but then got twisted into someones paranoid delusion and regurgitated through the conspiracy theorist echo chamber.

    It must be an interesting life.

  14. verstwo2

    You a nut. Keep on rambling on about chem trails, and mind control robots. I live in Canada, where we’ve had univeral healthcare for over 40 years and %87 of the population wouldn’t have it any other way, including myself. Everything else you mention is a paranoid delusion. and no, I don’t believe in paranoid delusions. But you have fun with those, in your mothers basement, with your tinfoil hat.

  15. dano555666

    Actions speak louder than words dipshit. Anyone can say this and that.

    Do you really think they ever let 1 guy pull the fucking levers in the world? No. They don’t do that with a small fish and chips shop let alone a fucking country.

    Obama is doing what he is told to. The same old white men are pulling his strings. As before.

    In another sense, a small busniess man on 60 grand per anum gives fuck all about the middle class.

    You think BILLIONAIRES give a fuck about us?

    Get real.

  16. betch1000

    By the way, most of these things are documented facts, and the things that arent havent played out yet. they will, it wont be pretty.

  17. betch1000

    shutting down huge businesses that are essential to america like gm and chrysler, ur perfectly good car being replaced with cheaply made, dangerous vehicles that wont protect u in a crash, sterilization chemicals being put in our water,…………….i could go on and on and on. u believe in all that? wow, ur a scary individual. Keep on loving ur government.

  18. betch1000

    so, verstwo2, u believe in having the government run the hospitals, and ur LIFE, drinking flouride in ur water, shadow government, the new world order, bioterrorism, forced vaccinations, huge capp and trade taxes that tax u to turn on ur car or BREATHE, vaccinating ur babies against ur will with mercury, obama having the govt. take an extra 200 $’s out of ur check a MONTH to pay off his loans to huge corporations,………………

  19. WickFromWackbag

    Well Lou mentioned how we get more of the same every election & this interview was early 08 so to play off of the whole left/right distraction is really null & void. I love how people who don’t do enough research 1 way or the other still feel they know enough to label this stuff “conspiracy” based only on a (pre-programmed) gut feeling or opinion. Only amongst fools could u find people that would call the man who predicted 9/11 in mid 01 down to who it’d be blamed on a “nut”. Fool.

  20. mpal5

    sorry about that, I hate acronyms too, but I thought msm was more widely recognized as “mainstream media”. i am not singling out obama, as there are worse characters like gibbs, pelosi, and boxer who are just blatant liars that have run out of answers and have lost their composure. bush was just as bad, as was darth vader (cheney), rumsfeld, and greenspan. these die hard republican media morons like hannity suck too

  21. verstwo2

    As you claim, I also am not spoon fed Obama propaganda, he is just one of the first mainstream politician to articulate what I already believed. I was a liberal long before Obama and I will be a liberal long after he’s gone.
    If you’re equating Obama to a Nazi propagandist, that is about as intellectually bankrupt as it gets. Sorry but I’m unfamiliar with the acronym MSM. Do you mean Methylsulfonylmethane ?

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