Lindsey Williams: The 2012 Agenda & The Fall of the New World Order – Part 2

SGTbull07 asked:

This is part two of my new 2-part interview with pastor Lindsey Williams. Here's Part 1: Here's Lindsey's website: Here's mine: The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in my videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence (DD) BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.


  1. pauldunnbellaliant

    read your bible folks Jesus will provide if you are a believer. he will provide everything, food shelter, life.

  2. pauldunnbellaliant

    lindsey says buy gold, well don’t the elite govern the price of gold. You can buy 10 tons of it and someday the elite will short it like they always do and we lose our shirts. we need to put 100% of our lives in Jesus. and you can take that to the bank.

  3. pauldunnbellaliant

    why are these elite not arrested such as Mr. FROM if that is how you spell his name. they are criminals why don’t lindsey give them up to the FBI. they are hijacking america, enough is enough it’s time to rise up.

  4. sweetpiecarmen

    who the HECK are the ELITE ? so i can kick their assssss hahahahahaha so much crap goin down and nowhere to run!

  5. martyseay

    I believe this because wait until you see what God has showed my daughter
    ‘There Shall Be Signs” and what God showed me ‘ God has called a Famine’
    Urgent warning for the Winter’ he has shown us these things since July.


    @FXNorm 2nd Timothy is a very good scripture also.
    In the Last days, in critical times, wars, famine, earthquakes.
    A One World Government supporting an allegience to the
    Beast(Satan) as we see in our own eyes.

  7. TrueHamal

    I really hope the New World Order will fall and Jesus will come in all his glory. Now that I am a believer in Jesus I hope so.

  8. DonteIsDaMan

    And for all those who say this is nonsense and that is nonsense, lets see how you feel aboiut it when you can’t feed your household.

  9. DonteIsDaMan

    The end is coming and Jesus is going to return. While we don’t know the day or the hour, we do know that He is at the door. Why do you think things are happening the way they are? Now you have the Eurozone on the verge of collapse. The US gov’t is about to turn the US military against you. You better get right with God, because when the shtf, you WILL NOT make it without him.

  10. 18hiphop

    soo when the new year 2000 was cuming they feared of Y2K, wich people that all the power was going out around the world, yet i think 2000 meanss or “Y2K”= Youth2Kill wich they are doing with music and media wake up ppl!

  11. gallant1able

    @DannyBob52 NO! No stocks will survive this! You’ll lose everything paper; Watch Gone with the Wind, the movie; at the end of the Confederacy and its money supply, gold was used to pay the property tax on Tara; seriously, it’s all there if we open our eyes; you’ll have gold/silver and food stores in your home; most importantly, you must rely on Jehovah God and his son, Jesus and pray incessantly for survival; most will not be saved as Jesus stated:. Only a few will make it.

  12. SuperJV4x

    God miraculously arranged for Lindsey Williams to obtain inside information on the NWO to help save mankind and its his pleasure to sell it to you on his 3 DVD set for only $69. He has other DVDs for sale as well. All of it very crucial information. All of it sanctioned by God. You NEED this info. So fork over dick-heads. No free lunch on God’s dime.

  13. pauldunnbellaliant

    silver and gold,,,, material things… Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the LORD. Get to know Jesus and let him be your pavillion and all your provision and your life, trust and obey. Jesus will provide He always has even when there is nothing. give him your all and don’t let these people scare you Jesus gives you a sound mind and hope for the future and life now and for the life to come.

  14. josoapification

    there is a lot of truth in what he says.i watched his speech on storm front international revisionism.there is a pattern to all these events in the middle east.the american government is rotten to the core.along with the jews.what about the economic hit man.the proof is there in black and white.

  15. DannyBob52

    I have listened to Rev. Williams on your show and others. I realize I need Gold and/or Silver. But can strong stocks survive the collapse? How do we pay property and other taxes? Are there anyone or a book that explains more in detail how to survive? I’ve tried to ask others and they don’t respond or they don’t give specifics. Thanks for any help or advice.
    . Thanks for you time.

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