Lil Wayne God Bless Amerika illuminati expose part 1

AprilandWayneShow asked:

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  1. balot386able

    hi aprilandwayne! just wanna ask when are u going to upload the part 2? sori i’m having hard time subscribing at your apps coz i don’t have a credit card, sori…

  2. Amy Tirado

    even though i see this my mind can’t grasp it but my spirit trembles knowing that it’s close to the end

  3. dwakel123

    Thanks April and Wayne for showing us how blind we are. Your truly blessed by the lord and are helping the Lord gain is followers back. Boy I wish I had a credit card, I would’ve donated 200$ because I thank you guys

  4. Hermesx3

    If a man speaks a provable truth and makes a hidden agenda known to his followers (listeners), how can we call this man an unrighteous deceiver? Is it because of his popularity, his wealth, his methods? Again, the message is more important than the messenger; but in a material minded world, its always the other way around.

    Religions fight over messengers and miss the message completely; the rational mind that reasons from the physical alone can be said to be material in nature.

    Manly P Hall spoke a lot of provable truths (some more esoteric than others), he received compensation for his work undoubtedly, his method was traditional and his form of speech was eloquent, but they both said the same “Truth”.

    Do not worry about the messenger, look at the message and remember always that the trained mind can refract Light from Darkness; this is the way of a true craftsmen.

  5. Lajoie Joie

    You don’t want to face God while in sin. Heaven and hell are real.
    God has set before you life and death, choose life. Sin is sin, do what is right and live. repent and Jesus will save you. I know it’s hard to change by yourself, that is why Jesus is there to give you all the strength you need so you can overcome sin. Do not die in sin.

  6. Lajoie Joie

    “the end of time is like an hour away” even the devil knows it. Jesus is coming back soon!

  7. ericgilbert100

    Homosexuality IS a sin. The wages of sin is death, and not eternal life. You need repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness. Do you have a bible?


    Seems like things are getting worse.I need to move out of usa. Hey i have a question im becoming christian now.Is it ok to drink on my birthday with my husband at a bar or club?Or is it wrong i don’t have a drinking problem.I just drink sometimes on occasions.

  9. LD91678

    You are not alone, brother. I feel the same way. It’s a daily struggle, but with the help of the Lord we can overcome evil. God bless you always!!

  10. TheYamaha400ex

    i saw the video and was confused by the meaning behind waynes shirt. thanks for explaining!

  11. ojackson221

    Also in the vid is a sign that says go saints. They want us to go in the rapture so they can have the golden age and nwo. Jay z also wore a shirt that said go home.

  12. coolgirls1603

    Im addicted to secular music. I really want to stop but its hard cause the beat is just awsome. I dont want to go to hell.

  13. Savion Holmes

    when I watched the music video I knew something was unholy about his shirt I JUST KNEW IT

  14. johnsofly23

    i love you jesus ! forgive my sin of listening to these bad influence people @aprilandwayneshow am i going to hell because i listen to this genre of music not lil wayne but drake etc.

  15. TiyanaSpann

    America is becoming the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah since they approved homosexuality.. The devil knows his time is running out.

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