Libertarian Fascist Fake Conspiracy New World Order Remix

FoxMulderXFOxx asked:

Libertarian Fascist Ron Paul Alex Jones Aaron Russo Fake Conspiracy New World Order Remix i was FoxMulderXFO. i got deleted months ago but several of you might remember me. my friend, Lyssa, (VampiressOnDaProwl) has put some vids up i was originally going to put up months ago but was disillusioned with YouTube after the obvious anti-Democratic way they deleted me, after being on YouTube for three years with no complaints, which was a Karl-Rovian biased attack by Libertarian "Conspiracy ...


  1. FoxMulderXFOxx

    haha. Communist? really? you think i’m a Communist? how stupid can ya be? it’s not the 1960’s.
    i’m a Keynesian Capitalist.

  2. humanitarianpictures

    THE NEW WORLD ORDER WILL FALL AND BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH LIKE A FILM OF DUST ON A SHELF AND FLOAT INTO THE WIND INTO THE NOTHINGNESS OF MEMORY… ERASED! There are CONSEQUENCES for what they are doing and NO ONE ever GETS AWAY with THIS! I know what is being planned for these men of power that are responsible, and it is a terrible and horrable end that they will meet. Thats why Bush’s secret society name is called TEMPORARY, because he brought in the NWO but it is a TEMPORARY GOV.

  3. HeilSphincter

    Not bad, but it needs a peppy disco techno beat in the background to tie it all together.

  4. irishtrotskyist

    new world order: peace for capitalist exploitation, security for investment, freedom of the market, rule of (labour)law

  5. courageux28

    i agree with claireledy…great video and the Bush administration, to include the Bush dynasty is full of crap.

  6. claireledy

    interesting video…funny, 911 gave the Bush administration the green light to have free reign in the middle east. Question is, who invented that light? Daddy Bush?

  7. FoxMulderXFOxx


    ya they axed him

    he is now i cant tell you on here


    accept my invite

    i’ll msg you his new name

    they axed SilentMaxim and MaximsPatriot too and i can’t find him

  8. cashforme

    Good job at the beginning. Sort of rambles at the end. What happened to billy57 I haven’t been on utube for a while? did they axe him?

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