Kevin Trudeau – Your Wish Is Your Command, Government Spying, Stimulus Package

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Kevin Trudeau Show - 11-11-09 - Part 11 of 12 Topics: Your Wish Is Your Command, Seminar, Justice Department, Technology, Government Spying, No Rights, Controlling America, Stimulus Package Listeners have compared Kevin Trudeaus radio show to the best parts of Michael Savage, Howard Stern, Art Bell, John Tesh and Rush Limbaugh. Kevin Trudeau is one of the most read authors of all time. His books have all been best sellers and have sold over 30 million copies globally. Kevins most controversial book, Natural Cures They Dont Want You to Know About was number 1 on the New York Times best sellers list for 26 weeks in a row becoming the best selling health book of all time. The Kevin Trudeau Radio Show originates from studios at Trudeaus World Headquarters in Chicago. Visit for more information!


  1. louiss1

    hes still giving them away “your wish is your command” for right now when you sign up for his insider email
    this is his website
    ktradionetwork com
    he doesnt ask for credit card

    if the thing doesnt work when it ask for province,
    then close the box and there’ll be a yellow banner saying “Join Kevin’s Insider Club”
    That should work. and doesnt ask for province

    youll know what im talking about when you go there

  2. soulofthebang

    Downloaded your wish is your command off a P2P. Its the biggest gimmick I have ever heard. In the CD, he advistise his Global information network club for $10,000. He talks in all this magic spritual talk about manifesting desires

  3. RobotModel790

    Um, so the government is trying to monitor every single text messaging and email sent?
    I remember in the very late nineties, I had heard of something called a spider bot. This is supposed to be a very sophisticated A.I. robot that can analyze every single spoken word on the internet and then create forecasts or extrapolations-events with 85% accuracy.
    If the government is analyzing every email or text message then they might be doing it to receive these spider bot forecasts/events.

  4. heirunapparent

    I like his radio show. I hope it continues for a long time.

    His books on health are good, worth buying.

    His books on finances are not good in my opinion.

  5. mickey110257

    I applaud Trudeau for having the courage stand up and speak against the lies that the Big Pharma and the Government put upon us. Trudeau is a Hero in my eyes. God Bless you Kevin. Keep bringing us the TRUTH.

  6. ontariobuds

    why would he only do it once? I mean we HAVE you buy his books if we want to know his ‘secrets’? Wouldn’t it be better to just do live talks and stuff.

    he’s just lazy and a liar.

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