1. EW0Canuk

    all the news channels are sellouts just like the governments the day is coming when they’ll will be before the PEOPLE to anwser for their crimes! DESTROY THE COMPANIES THAT HAVE LIED FOR US FOR FAR TO LONG we need a nurermberg trail for the elites with the hangings might throw acouple stake burning in their to

  2. fran9860


  3. katydig

    “Veiled threats” BS!!! ‘Can you live with the death count resulting from silencing Trudeau’ obviously is referring to all the people who would suffer and die without the natural cures they learn from Kevin. A Judge is not God. The People are above the Judge – he is a servant of the People.

  4. merculiv

    Kevin Trudeau speaks the truth and has since he got started in the early 80’s. The U.S. government is failing at keeping him quiet. www_(dot)_ktradionetwork_(dot)_com

  5. pushelildaisies

    Look at that fat-cat in his three-piece suit. I pity the sad people who have given that man their hard earned money for vague information they could have gotten off of Google for free. I mean, come on, he was convicted of fraud people. He’s not a trustworthy person. I’m sure you also believe Dr. Phil is a real psychologist, too.

  6. Malthizar

    @TheDano1947 selling things that are not quintessential (selling a tv, only having one car, etc.). Not picking on you, but people are always feeling that they deserve a grant or some type of help with finances. I’m not saying don’t necessarily look for any… just that a grant isn’t your one and only option. Hopefully you will take this to heart and not negatively like many ignorant people :).

  7. Malthizar

    @TheDano1947 (not enough money, too expensive, etc.). Again, I’m not trying to be a douche or a troll or any of that stuff. I’m just trying to educate. You have to reach a point where you want a higher standard of living for yourself and family and willing to do what it takes to achieve that. That will usually mean that you need a lifestyle change. This includes but is not limited to, getting another job, spending less on needless things (going to the movies, getting new clothes, etc.), or

  8. Malthizar

    @TheDano1947 Actually he made his money in marketing years before he wrote the books, made seminars, or had his radio show. I’m not trying to be a smart ass or anything but just type in Trudeau infomercials. The guy has been in a lot of things making tons of money before any of this stuff was really brought up. As for money is concerned, you have to reach a breaking point where this is something you really want. Otherwise you’ll find a reason for not getting something

  9. Malthizar

    @hoov737 I respectively disagree. Like I said, in at least a few of his books I have looked out and researched many of the topics he’s brought up. As for his conviction, I also know of that and have actually known about it for some time. But with that logic Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and many other greats should have not been recognized. It’s one thing for one liar to say things. Its another when a person who has absolutely no affiliation says the exact same thing.

  10. hoov737

    @Malthizar Trudeau is a master at manipulating human nature. He takes on a topic that has a certain truth to it and uses that to legitimize hundreds of claims that have no validity to them. Believe me, I’ve read and researched a lot of his work, he’s a very good promoter and can get you on his side instantly. But he’s a liar, you must understand that, he’s a two time convicted felon and has been banned by the FTC for life. That’s just the tip of the ice berg.

  11. MiyukiCloud

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  12. TheDano1947

    I have read some of his books and he tells you a lot, but it’s what he doesn’t tell you that makes it hard to benefit from his books .Some of the cures are expensive and not easy to get and grant money is not just a matter of asking for the money, you have to compete for it, against many others who compete to get a grant. Trudeau got rich from his books and seminars and radio show.

  13. IndividualParties


    LOL, I know. I’ve seen his infomericials on at 5 a.m. Obvious scam, yet I youtube his name and people actually believe this garbage. People who give this guy their money are just……bahahaha

  14. boose22

    If satan exists, trudeau is satan. An all you people praising him are GON BE BURNIN REEEEEEEEEL GUD. Yehaw cowboys havea good bbq down there. Yee shall burn for your stupidity and paranoia.

  15. Hintz56

    At first I was upset about how Trudeau scams millions of people and continues to get away with it by hiding beind the First Amendment, however after reading some of the comments from his fans and supporters I’m almost glad that he does what he does. These people are so stupid, blind, and ignorant they deserve to be taken advantage of. So while these intellectually weak human beings continue to praise and honor this waste of oxygen who steals their money I’ll sit back and enjoy the show.

  16. Chaoticasm

    idiot Trudeau fans, how stupid could they possible be? they honestly think he can cure cancer? it is unbelievable how gullible and stupid people can be.

  17. Malthizar

    , everything he has spoke about has worked out well for me. So again, I encourage people to read at least one of his books and then research it’s content. In other words, Is something saying “All-Natural” good for you, research what that means and how it is or isn’t. If he says MSG can kill you, research MSG. My family has a saying, for a statement can be regarded as true, you have to find 3 separate sources. And thats what I have done for everything Kevin talks about that I have implemented.

  18. Malthizar

    To everyone calling him a liar and a fraud, read his books. They are most likely at your local bookstore. You don’t have to buy it to get the information but if you do buy it, read and research the things he is talking about. If you deem he’s wrong then you have even more ammo against him. If you find that he has merit to his words then there you go. I’ll be the first to say that there are a few things he says now that seem more than a little far-fetched. However from a health-foods standpoint

  19. Malthizar

    @raindance74 what is healthy food? is subway healthy? i’m not saying this guy is an “Angel from above” or I will die if he doesn’t grace me with his knowledge. All i know is that before i listened to him i thought eating subway was better than eating at mcdonalds. Now, after listening from him (AND RESEARCHING!!!) I’ve learned that you might as well be eating the exact same stuff. The guy isn’t a quack. Not on everything health related at least

  20. karnasaur2

    Kevin Trudeau hangs with the scum of the earth and calls our government our police and our doctors evil liars. The poor, the sick, the overweight, the disenchanted should send him their money so he can fix all the worlds problems.

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