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Kevin Trudeau Show - 11-11-09 - Part 2 of 12 Topics: Gerald Celente, Money, Future Predictions, Coral Calcium, Vitamin D, Alkaline, Criminals, Doctors, Astrazeneca Listeners have compared Kevin Trudeaus radio show to the best parts of Michael Savage, Howard Stern, Art Bell, John Tesh and Rush Limbaugh. Kevin Trudeau is one of the most read authors of all time. His books have all been best sellers and have sold over 30 million copies globally. Kevins most controversial book, Natural Cures They Dont Want You to Know About was number 1 on the New York Times best sellers list for 26 weeks in a row becoming the best selling health book of all time. The Kevin Trudeau Radio Show originates from studios at Trudeaus World Headquarters in Chicago. Visit for more information!


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  2. mariokartin

    Kevin, i think alot more people would believe you if you had a better knowledge of chemistry and the human body. When you say, “make the body alkaline” do you even have a sniff what you mean? Probably not.

    And also, didn’t you just say that you will give away coral calcium for free? but you have to be a paying member on your site? you are just as bad as the people who you comment on. you lie and cheat and you are greedy and in it for the money. you don’t care for people’s health

  3. pureperil

    QUACK!! KEVIN! Do a show about how you swindled a bank and how you stole thousands from your customers! Do a show on how you spent years and two separate terms in prison! Did you get fucked in the ass while in prison Kevin? WAIT!!! There is probably a natural cure that “they” don’t want me to know about for that! QUACK!!!

  4. Guesticle

    Nobody watch Alex Jones. He turns people into loonies! It is kinda funny though. Lose friends with Alex Jones!

  5. JackHighlander

    lol the way he said, “chicago psychiatrist dr michael RHEINstein,” i was sure he was gonna say, “…greedy, sick, disgusting jew!”

  6. Nuglord

    @sleekcartim Your anecdotal tale is heartwarming, but is about as refutable as it gets. And it’s not heartwarming either, I lied. If you give your money to a criminal over published studies, you’re the idiot. Have fun playing with your health, moron, hope that calcium fixes your cancer.

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  8. sleekcartim

    @noliberals123 I like barefoots coral calium a lot, not because of what anyone sez, but the actual positive changes i notice in my body. now THAT is irrefutable. Im a real consumer of this product, not a paid shill (like big pharma has to resort to)

  9. fierospeedgirl

    For anyone out there who DOES like what Kevin has to say in THIS show,check out Alex Jones, and also the documentary on the MONSANTO COMPANY,on you tube. Wow! Scary!!!

  10. fierospeedgirl

    @noliberals123 Well, I’m not on this site to argue,and I appreciate your reply,and the fine research you do. I commend you for that,BUT I am entitled to my opinion,as you are yours. As for Kevin being a fraud,and doing jail time,he STILL has alot of TRUE knowledge that is out there. As far as I have learned,doing my research,SCIENCE is where this knowledge derived from.Whether Kevin is right or wrong,I have his books,and I have tried some of his home remedies,and they DO work.. IN MY OPINION…

  11. noliberals123

    @fierospeedgirl Coral calcium IS a scam. It has been proven to be no more “bio available” than any other form of calcium. It is not a cure all. Many people in Okinawa die every year from cancer–a simple pubmed search will tell you that. Trudeau is a FRAUD! I have been performing research in a laboratory for almost 10 years. That is where you will find REAL science–not anecdotal assumptions.

  12. fierospeedgirl

    @noliberals123 Oh, I would also check out two other REPUTABLE INCREDIBLE DOCTORS that agree with Kevin,REGARDING VITAMIN D especially, Dr.John Cannell,Dr.Michael Holick,Dr.Joseph Mercola. They are REAL doctors,EXPERTS, so Kevin can’t be TOO far off the truth. If you educate yourself on all the information,then you will find the experts AGREE with Kevin. And as far as being REDUCED to go on Kevins’ show,not a nice thing to say. Gerald probably wanted to be on an HONEST show,and not the FDA show!

  13. fierospeedgirl

    @noliberals123 First of all,CORAL CALCIUM is not a scam. What does it matter if you live longer,if your quality of life is diminished? The FDA is famous for that. My father is gone for that VERY reason. There are times people DO need to take drugs,but LAST RESORT,only. Natural medicine has helped me many times,and I take coral calcium and vitamin d daily. I educate myself. Pharmaceuticals only care about profit,NOT people. Kevin is one of a few people to speak up and tell the truth,to help us.

  14. noliberals123

    Gerald can predict the future! He is an anomaly…a clairvoyant! He is so gifted that is why he is reduced to being on a charlatans show. Instead of being the next Warren Buffett, he is interacting with a man that is known as a con artist. Coral calcium is a scam. All you have to do is look up the average age of humans before and after the existance of the FDA to know the truth. Pharmaceuticals save lives. That is irrefutable.

  15. spirit172

    @goodlooking556 he is telling the truth about health products, what he says about the government and corporations i wish he was a liar… GOD bless.

  16. JSAautomotive

    I hope they throw you in jail again for good for the bogus claims you continue to make. How many people will have to die listening to your garbage and lies because of your untested, undocumented, and unreasearched lies? You obviously have no conscious.

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