Kevin Trudeau Appeals Court Decision – From: WGN TV

KevinTrudeauShow asked:

Source: WGN Chicago Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau has filed an appeal of his contempt citation and 30-day jail sentence, hours before he is scheduled to surrender to US marshals this afternoon. Trudeau's lawyer, Kimball Anderson, read a statement after court saying Trudeau believed he had committed no crime and that the court had "exceeded the permissible bounds of its authority." "He believes that he was simply exercising his First Amendment rights and was permissibly encouraging others to do the same," the statement read.


  1. selfhelpguy

    Even if Kevin’s material is misleading garbage then he is no more deluded or misguided than the Pope, the Ayatollah or any other “spiritual nutcase”. At least, Trudeu is not pretending to be running a charity or some special servent of God. I say good luck to him.

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  3. asus3571

    @dwainedibbly theirs nothing i have to prove he admitted it on a 20 20 interview he was young people do dumb shit when there youngi will say this the fda is way worse than he is

  4. doob776

    fucking americans and there ammendments..if kevin did this shit in canada, he would be tossed into a federal “pound me in the ass” prison

  5. gamabarajas

    whatever let this guy do his thing deceiving sick people. i dont trip that much cuz we will all have our judgement day with god, karmas a bitch aint it. ill be laughing when he gets cancer and cant get rid of it hahahahaha bitch….

  6. beatnikjd

    Trudeau should be put in the general population of a maximum security prison. Maybe he will meet the ‘tossed salad man.’ Jelly or syrup Kevin?

  7. andi123123123

    I support what he says about the FDA etc….they are poisoning you. If you don’t realize this, you’re really bad off. NOTE TO FDA and FTC – WE WILL HEAL OURSELVES NATURALLY – your poisoning social engineering control will be brought down.

  8. andi123123123

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  9. starbucksfromhell

    WOW!!! looking at all these posts make me acknowledge what PT BARNUM said…”there’s a sucker born every minute”. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

  10. fuzzyroes

    I’ve yet to read his books, but the core about what he’s on about is dead on. These medical companys are corrupt and all about making money…

    But even if his theories dont turn out to work its still his right to write whatever he pleases.

  11. beatnikjd

    Lock Trudeau up–better yet execute this vermin!! Those defending him are total idiots!! Trudeau is a con man pretending to be a ‘consumer advocate.’ Lock his ass up–he will make some lucky prisoner a good prison bitch!!

  12. OnePulsar

    Now people will go to jail for exercising their First Amendment rights?? WHAT?? Is that the USA or nazi Germany?

  13. MissPaskhalina

    Kevin Trudeau I am with you, I support you 100% and I appreciate and admire you for your amazing courage to always stand up for the truth.
    Thank you KT. For fighting for our freedom!!!
    GO, GO, GO KT!! Love U and everything you do. God Bless You on your journey.

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