1. lordrothchild21

    Hello watch debunking jordan maxwell. He is a satanist, double agent, he says many untrue things mixed with truth in order to decieve.

  2. tryptala

    With that confident opening argument in mind, I’ll now unpause and continue on listening to his lecture.

  3. tryptala

    If he knows for sure that the word comes from “to stand under,” then there are a lot of etymologists out there who would like to know how he knows that.

  4. tryptala

    Yes, let’s get to know our words:
    O.E. understandan “comprehend, grasp the idea of,” probably lit. “stand in the midst of,” from under + standan “to stand” (see stand). If this is the meaning, THE UNDER IS NOT THE USUAL WORD MEANING “BENEATH,” but from O.E. under, from PIE *nter- “between, among” (cf. Skt. antar “among, between,” L. inter “between, among,” Gk. entera “intestines;” see inter-). But the exact notion is unclear. Perhaps the ult. sense is “be close to.”

  5. axltyler

    Let me just this: Jordan Maxwell mentions in this video a man named Myron Fagan. Fagan was the earliest supporter of Eustace Mullins. Interesting how Fagan and Hilder knew each other yet I never hear a mention of Maxwell mentioning Mullins. Mullins began his research in 1948, 14 years before Maxwell began speaking to audiences in 62.

  6. KJ35779

    It’s go important to realise that you never get to a point of knowing everything ..if you want knowledge it’s a continuious thing. there really is no point with truth were you reach a point of all knowing. It’s a humbling experience that’s why I appreciate people who stand up and say I don’t know everything. It’s only food for thought to continue on our personal journeys into truth and life.

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