Islam – Catholic Ties, And Use of Illuminati Symbols: Part 1/5

WhereIsTruth asked:

"You must not make for yourselves a graven image, or a form like anything that is in the heavens above or that is on the Earth beneath or that is in the waters under the Earth." Prophet Moses Exodus 20:4 "We (Royal Plural for GOD)gave Moses the Scriptures, complete with the Best Commandments." Surah 6:154 Holy Quran While the Quran, and most of the Bible are True...The major religions "representing" these Holy Books are not. Many Catholics and Muslims are good, sincere people, but that does not change the fact that the religions they belong to have, not only pagan practices, but also Illuminati symbols in, on, or around their places of worship. While the pagan sun symbolisms in the Catholic Church, and elsewhere in Christendom, are obvious...did you know there are Mosques with images of the sun as well? In fact, not only does Islam use the pagan crescent moon of Egyptian origin...but this same symbol is rampant in Catholicism! In addition this pagan and crescent moon symbol is used on government property in the US And it's not just the crescent moon and star. It is also the All Seeing Eye of Ra that is found, not only in Catholic Churches, but also in the Islamic countries. Have you ever wonder what the supposed "Sacred Geometry" symbol that is in, and around Mosques are? It is actually an ancient Illuminati symbol. It is called the "Flower of Life" and comes from ancient Egypt. The videos I post are not to hurt or offend anyone. Nor, am I trying to destroy your faith in ...


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